Tuesday, September 21

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccines come with a surprise: up to two extra doses

Vaccination against covid in the US with the Pfizer vaccine.

Vaccination against covid in the US with the Pfizer vaccine.

The first vaccines against coronavirus that are going to be distributed in Europe and in Spain are holding surprises in the US. And it is that the health personnel who began to vaccinate this week on the other side of the Atlantic realized that the vaccine vials, prepared a priori with five doses, contained up to two extra doses, according to information collected by “The New York Times.” The vials that will reach the Valencian Community from the American pharmaceutical company also contain five doses, so the same could happen that has happened in the US. In this way, the ability to vaccinate would multiply, which could come in handy in the early stages of vaccination when you will have a very limited number of vaccines.

The explanation for the appearance of these extra doses is that manufacturers usually overfill the vials in case of spills or changes in air pressure that could affect the volume of the vaccine.

As quoted by the American media, after the initial enthusiasm Due to these unexpected doses of the vaccine, a debate was established among hospital personnel about whether or not they could be used. While in some health centers these doses have been discarded, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already ruled to point out that given the “public health emergency” all extra doses of vaccines can be used. , although he is in discussions with Pfizer to clarify the best procedure in this regard. Of course, what is not recommended for safety is to mix leftover doses from different vials.In a statement, Pfizer has indicated that there is a uniform amount of vaccine in each vial, but that the amount that remains after withdrawing the five doses could vary depending on the type of syringes and needles, as well as the amount of diluent solution used.

In Spain it is planned to start vaccinating on Sunday, December 27, simultaneously in all autonomous communities. For now, the doses received will serve to protect the most vulnerable population groups, the elderly and nursing home workers and the large dependents who live at home. Hence, these extra doses could come in handy to increase these vaccination groups in the first planned phase.

In the US they began to vaccinate this week and hospital personnel who are on the front line against COVID have been one of the first to protect themselves. In England they have been using this vaccine for two weeks.

The peculiarity of Pfizer’s vaccine is that it is the first in the world to be created with technology called messenger RNA. Instead of introducing an attenuated pathogen or a part of it so that the organism develops defenses against the invader, as usual vaccines use, the messenger RNA provides the instructions for our organism to produce the antigen. This technology could revolutionize the field of vaccines from now on.


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