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PFU and Ejidosoft bring certified digitization of documents to the logistics and transportation sector

The transport of goods is one of the professional activities in which numerous paper documentation circulates daily, the subsequent processing of which requires almost all of it to be done in digital format. PFU (EMEA) Limited Y ejidosofta software development company, have collaborated to create a technological solution that streamlines document management in the logistics sector, providing the highest levels of simplicity, control, efficiency and performance.

With 25 years of experience and some 300 portfolio companies, Ejidosoft has been a pioneer in developing a tool for the sector that has the approval of the Tax Agency to create certified digitization of invoices. With a strong local presence in Almería, this development has been successfully exported inside and outside of Spain due to its total adaptation to the needs of transport companies and fruit and vegetable warehouses. Its software consists of three specific applications that cover the planning and monitoring of vehicles (Planning), administration and accounting tasks (Transporta), and control of documentation related to fleets (Base).

Thanks to the TWAIN driver, communication is established between the Ejidosoft software and the Fujitsu fi-7140 and fi-7160 scanners, which offer maximum performance, high speed and powerful features in document capture. These compactly designed devices deliver crisp, reliable batch capture regardless of the document’s condition, whether it’s mixed paper thicknesses, taped receipts, labels, or even plastic cards. They reach duplex capture speeds of between 80 and 120 images per minute, depending on the model, and their automatic document feeder has a capacity of 80 sheets. The images that are generated are of high quality, also optimizing the OCR processes, while the information is structured and easy to find for any user.

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As a result, Comotrans, a freight transport cooperative with a fleet of 200 vehicles, has saved 70% of the time spent digitizing documentation. Even so, the volumes of information are very high and the time to process it is pressing. Within this task that occupies 365 days a year, Comotrans manages to make more than 20,000 trip records that can individually provide up to a hundred sheets, easily exceeding 150,000 documents in total at peak activity during campaigns or at closing of quarter. All information contained in delivery notes, CMR consignment notes and other carrier documents (insurance, licenses, identifications, etc.), is recorded in the system in an exact and locatable manner if required by the client, either as an advance of information or, for example, in the event that a merchandise has not arrived at its destination or is damaged. This possibility of quickly scanning and sending digital files to clients, homologating them with the Treasury or receiving permit expiration notices are the advances achieved in digitization that Comotrans highlights the most.

Screenshot with the Ejidosoft document management application. Image: Ejidosoft.

The Ejidosoft development team customizes these tools with each company, proceeds with their installation and continues to accompany them later for any technical or training support. “Accompanying companies in their digitization means providing them with a simple system that, in turn, is capable of storing all the information in a structured and organized way”points Francisco Vázquez, head of Ejidosoft. “Now everything is scanned, but it is convenient to do it with devices such as those from Fujitsu, which achieve greater reliability and acceleration of these processes, combined with specialized document management software, which covers the needs of the client with all the functionality and in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the sector».

Jesús Cabañas, General Manager of PFU EMEA for Iberiahighlights: “The logistics sector is undoubtedly one of the most demanding sectors with our technology. Many business processes are based on paper and are also extremely critical, requiring the processing of large volumes of documents in minimal time. In this type of environment, Fujitsu equipment is unmatched, ensuring that paper-based processes do not pose a productivity problem”.

“Thanks to this solution, we were able to carry out the procedures for receiving, classifying and digitizing the documents instantly. From previously working with multifunctional teams, which made us consume a lot of time, we see how our way of working has radically changed. Now the process is fluid and without errors, facilitating digital copies that are faithful to the originals, with the great advantage of not only validating a document while it is being scanned”underlines Antonio Enamorado, manager of Comotrans. “All this allows us to respond to the needs of our customers with the best guarantees in the face of the growing digitization of their processes”.

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