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Pharmacy: always reliable, at the service of your health

The façade of the HLA Vistahermosa Hospital will light up green.

The façade of the HLA Vistahermosa Hospital will light up green.

On September 25, 2021, the World Pharmacist Day, organized by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). This year’s motto «Pharmacy: always reliable, at the service of your health», emphasizes the values ​​of closeness, trust and care work carried out by pharmacists in all forms of professional practice. To commemorate this day, at the Hospital HLA Vistahermosa the facade will be illuminated green color, as a gesture of recognition of the vocation of the pharmaceutical profession.

HLA Vistahermosa Hospital has a Pharmacy service made up of hospital pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and assistants, and administrative staff, who perform important work necessary for the daily operation of the hospital.

What is the hospital pharmacy?

Hospital pharmacists, as well as hospital staff pharmacy services, have as mission optimize the use of medicines in the hospital environment. When working in a particularly complex environment, such as a hospital environment, it is an activity that requires a level of specialization similar to that of other medical specialties acquired via FIR.

What are the functions of a hospital pharmacist?

Being encompassed within the central services of hospitals, pharmacists often act as support for other healthcare professionals. This often means that we establish close relationships with highly complex services, such as Oncology, medicine intensive, surgery general…etc. We act by advising other professionals on issues related to the use of medications and ensuring that they have all the medications they need to treat their patients.

HLA Vistahermosa Hospital has a Pharmacy Service.

The dispensing of medicines to the Hospitalization Units is one of the main activities of the Pharmacy Services. Medications necessary to cover the following are dispensed daily 24 hours of treatment of each patient. Most people would be surprised how complicated this can be: each patient’s treatment is updated daily, validated for any potential problems – such as duplications, dosing errors, etc., the treatment is conditioned. medicines in unit packaging so that they are correctly identified, and each patient’s medication is dispensed in individual boxes to minimize the risk of any error occurring in the handling of the medications that patients receive.

Pharmacy services also lead the development of guides that serve to facilitate the selection of treatments, ensure a rational use of resources and guarantee equal access to the best available treatments in accordance with the most current scientific evidence.

The hospital pharmacy also has a strong commitment with ensuring compliance with the law on the rational use of drugs, the guidelines for the correct preparation and storage of drugs, and other guides of good practices in the hospital. For this we usually supervise all those processes in which medicines are used; from the administration of a humble aspirin to the use of complex cycles of chemotherapy during surgical interventions.

The hospital pharmacy has a strong commitment.

What could we highlight about the role of the hospital pharmacist during the pandemic?

This pandemic has given rise to several circumstances that have been difficult to manage for the pharmacy services; on the one hand, a significant increase in medication consumption and sanitary products and, on the other hand, a shortage of products in the market.

For months we have waked up thinking “what medicine is going to run out today” and we have had to use our better negotiating skills sometimes or our most creative facet, when in the absence of product, we had to offer a viable alternative, even (for example) preparing our own hydroalcoholic gel as we could not buy it due to lack of supply in the market.

We have also been attentive to all scientific developments from the beginning and have collaborated with other services, such as internal medicine or intensive care, to plan treatment strategies as virus research progressed.

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