Sunday, February 25

Phillies had to fire Joe Girardi as manager but their woes remain

the Phillies always were a faux contender. By payroll alone, they fooled some people into thinking otherwise. Only the Mets, Dodgers and yankees spent more than Philadelphia’s $233 million. But it was going to be difficult for the Phillies to push 90 wins with poor defense and a questionable bullpen. Joe Girardi paid the price for those flaws. But he also added to them.

The Phillies fired Girardi as manager Friday after a 273-game tenure that can only be classified as a failure. Girardi was 132–141 with Philadelphia while presiding over the worst bullpen in baseball (5.00 ERA) other than the rockies (5.38 ERA). Girardi’s relievers somehow gave up the fourth-most homers and suffered the fifth-most losses in three seasons despite throwing the fourth-fewest innings.

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