Thursday, February 29

Phoenix Suns’ new ‘Courtside’ videos take fans behind the scenes

The Phoenix Suns are the hottest, best and most exciting team in the NBA right now, must-see TV whenever they’re playing.

Seriously, they’re a lot of fun.

But what about when they’re not playing? What’s a Suns-starved fan supposed to do on an off night?

“Courtside,” a new series of short online videos that show what goes into getting an NBA and WNBA team on the court, will be available online at noon Friday. The series will feature the Suns and the Phoenix Mercury.

“Each episode will take fans behind the scenes of various aspects of our players’ lives and what it takes to keep the best team in the NBA healthy, rested, performing and looking its absolute best,” a statement on the “Courtside” website says .

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