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PHOTO: New Jersey Governor receives criticism for attending event without wearing a mask

Republican senators criticized the New Jersey governor’s actions.

Photo: Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images

A controversy revolved around the governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, after being portrayed without the use of a mask in an indoor event and with a considerable influx of people, something that occurs after the approval of a mandate for the use of masks for children in schools.

Murphy, a biased Democrat, was present at the Equality Ball on Friday, an event promoted by the nonprofit organization Garden State Equality along with other New Jersey officials in Asbury Lane, an area of ​​Monmouth County, an area considered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as risk of transmission of COVID-19.

In the images that were published, the dinner attendees at the event also did not have the masks, as well as the governor, who was with the member of the House of Representatives, Frank Pallone.

These actions by Murphy raised Republican criticism. Among them, the Republican senator Holly Schepisi, who reported via email to Fox News that these actions committed by the governor are “the kind of hypocrisy that is driving people insane in New Jersey. “

“At the same time that this governor issued another order forcing two-year-olds to wear face masks for more than seven hours due to alleged ‘security,’ the Democratic political elite in New Jersey gathered without masks at indoor events in statewide, even in ‘high risk’ counties of Asbury Park, Bergen and Hudson ”Schepisi added.

He concluded his letter by stating that this administration is telling New Jersey that they must comply with the mandates without asking, but that while they impose demands, they themselves “circumvent” those same policies, which in their opinion is wrong.

The also Republican senator of New Jersey, Michael Testa, indicated that this celebration without a mask represented “Another example of Murphy’s hypocrisy as he continues to impose ‘useless’ pandemic mandates on New Jerseyans that he and other elite Democrats arrogantly ignore when they think no one is watching”, he emphasized.

The laws in New Jersey For the use of masks they are mandatory in schools, public transport and when going to receive medical attention, and they have strongly recommended the use of masks for unvaccinated people and also for those who received some dose against COVID-19.

They also recommended the use of masks for people who do not know the vaccination status of other people who may have contact with them in confined spaces or if they are traveling. “I mean being packed with each other, and not being sure to know the vaccination status of the people you are with.”Murphy declared in September.

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