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Photos: an Italian boxer will face a severe penalty for displaying tattoos with Nazi symbols

The fighter is accused of having violated the codes of behavior of the sport.

Photo: ANGELOS TZORTZINIS / AFP / Getty Images

The Italian boxer Michele Broili faces a hefty penalty for wearing numerous Nazi symbols tattoos on his body in a recent national title fight: the Italian Boxing Federation (FPI) announced harsh measures and his case can be analyzed both by sports legal bodies and by ordinary justice.

The FPI Prosecutor’s Office will be the first body to study the case and the one responsible for deciding to open a procedure against Broili, the 28-year-old boxer who lost last Saturday in Trieste (north) against Hassan Nourdine the match for the super featherweight title, Italian lawyer Angelo Cascella, an expert in sports law, explains to Efe this Thursday.

“The Federation has already announced that it will take action. The federations, through their prosecutors, study possible violations of codes of behavior and, if they consider that there was an irregularity, they notify the athlete of the opening of a procedure ”, explains Cascella.

“The FPI Prosecutor’s Office can establish that article 5 of the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) code of conduct was violated, which focuses on the principle of ‘non-violence’. It foresees that no athlete registered in a certain federation encourages violent behavior“Adds the Italian lawyer.

And it is that the case has caused deep indignation in Italy, until reaching the table of the National Anti Racial Discrimination Office (UNAR), a body that belongs to the Italian Council of Ministers, which asked the FPI to exclude Broili from its registrants for life.

In addition, according to many Italian media, ordinary justice could also take action to punish the boxer.

Italian law, Cascella recalls, considers the “apology of fascism” as a crime.

An apology for fascism is considered when a group of at least five people promote, justify or defend ideologies that could potentially lead to the founding of a new fascist party. The National Fascist Party was founded in Italy in 1922 and fell in 1943.

The FPI has been harshly criticized for failing to act responsibly. He is reproached for not having inIt had come before Broili could jump into the ring to claim the Italian title in his category.

“The person responsible for such behavior is solely the boxer and, indirectly, the club to which he belongs that has allowed it. No responsibility can or should be attributed to the Federation, who cannot know the personal ideas of each boxer“, The FPI defended itself in a statement.

Broili’s rival, Italian of Moroccan origin Hassan Nourdine, acknowledged that He was shocked when he saw that his rival had such tattoos.

Seeing those Nazi tattoos upset me, and that outside the ‘ring’ many spectators exchanged Roman greetings. Obviously for them it is normal, for me it is not ”, admitted Nourdine, whose victory against Broili allowed him to win the Italian title in his category.

His victory was obscured by the magnitude of the Broili case., which has hidden a nice personal story.

Nicknamed “El Tiburon”, Nourdine came to Italy at the age of six and, after practicing soccer in his youth, he approached boxing at the age of 22.

He only managed to become a professional boxer a few years ago and combines his passion for boxing with working in a factory of components for industrial machinery. Trieste’s victory against Broili marks the highest point of his sporting career.

A case similar to that of Broili, although it was not a sporting event but a television event, was registered in Italy in 2018, when former Italian footballer Paolo Di Canio, now a commentator, appeared on television with a fascist tattoo on one arm.

The private television “Sky Sport” suspended him temporarily, before reinstating him in his template, evidently with the obligation to cover said tattoo.

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