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PHOTOS: The 10 best cities in the world in 2021 despite the pandemic

These days, it’s not easy to live anywhere in the world – COVID has made some of the most basic social activities difficult and has undoubtedly impacted many other aspects of our lives as well. However, some cities have retained their charm and spirit. According to Time Out, these are top 10 cities in the world in 2021 despite the pandemic.

San Francisco is the best

With the participation of 27,000 people and their editors, amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in the world, the publication made its Time Out Index 2021 to find the best cities in the world according to their characteristics acceptance, sustainability, lifestyle, culture, nightlife and, especially this year, its community spirit and environmental initiatives.

According to these categories, the renowned guide considers that San Francisco is the best city in the world this year, thanks to its inhabitants “showing a unique and creative community spirit”, in addition to being voted “the most progressive city in the world” thanks to the inclusion it has achieved from the LGBTQ + community.


The capital of the Netherlands stands out for your green and sustainable initiatives, It is not for nothing that it is considered the cycling capital of the world. Its natural environments and its wide green spaces helped its inhabitants to cope with the quarantine imposed by the pandemic.


Rated as the friendliest city with the best nightlife, this English city stands out for favoring the relationship between neighbors and friends.


The Danish capital was considered as the least stressful city, because according to its residents it is very easy to relax living here.

New York

Considered as “diverse, resistant and progressive”, the Big Apple is also the most exciting city in the worldAs 85% of New Yorkers say that it is easy to discover new and surprising things in it.


Is about a diverse and inclusive city in which, according to its residents, it is easy to express who you are.


82% of the inhabitants of the Czech capital consider it as the most beautiful city in the world It is also the second most relaxing city in the world, perhaps because it is very easy to walk around it, without the need for a car.

Tel Aviv

Its food, its drink, its shows and its wide cultural life have earned it the title of the funniest city in the world for second consecutive Year.


For 73% of its inhabitants, Porto is an excellent city for culture, as it offers concerts, comedy, poetry and various shows. In addition, people are characterized by their kindness and for being friendly.


Even during the pandemic, 82% of its residents consider that the Japanese capital is excellent for discovering new things, in addition to offering excellent mobility options thanks to its super efficient public transport.

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