Thursday, September 28

Photoshop and Lightroom, multi-surface updates

Photoshop and Lightroom

Neural Filters in Photoshop put the power of AI and advanced machine learning in the hands of creatives. Designed to help lower the barriers to creativity, Neural Filters have become one of the most widely used AI tools in Photoshop.

So announced Adobe, with its updates to the Creative Cloud applications Photoshop, Lightroom and Lightroom Classic, which offer important new features, benefits and value to customers.

“These innovative AI-powered features for desktop, web, and mobile make it fast and easy to create amazing images anywhere with Photoshop and Lightroom,” said Scott Belsky, Product Manager and Executive Vice President, Adobe Creative Cloud.


Neural Filters in Photoshop dramatically reduce complex workflows into easy-to-use, transformative solutions for photo editing and manipulation.

The company today launched a powerful new Photo Restoration Neural Filter designed to help users bring old or damaged photos back to life by detecting and removing scratches and other minor blemishes in seconds.

Adobe has also taken the opportunity to announce updates to Photoshop on the web (beta) that include:

  • New easy-to-use editing features like Curves, Refine Edges, Dodge and Burn, and Convert to Smart Objects
  • Mobile browser access for quick and easy review and commenting
  • Introductory and learning content for new creatives and independent creators unfamiliar with Photoshop
  • Performance and user experience improvements

Adobe powers Photoshop and Lightroom with multi-surface updates

Lightroom Ecosystem

What’s new in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic offer powerful editing features and workflows that save photographers time. Among the most prominent are:

  • The ability for photographers to quickly crop and apply edits to video clips in Lightroom using the same sliders and presets used in photo editing (desktop and mobile)
  • AI-powered adaptive presets to apply different effects to different parts of a photo (Lightroom for desktop, Lightroom Classic, Adobe Camera Raw)
  • Key workflow improvements for adjusting the intensity of presets (Lightroom desktop, mobile, web, Lightroom Classic) and for comparing photos side by side (Lightroom for desktop)
  • AI-powered automatic red-eye correction (Lightroom for desktop and Adobe Camera Raw)
  • New Premium Presets (Lightroom for desktop, mobile, web, Lightroom Classic, and Adobe Camera Raw)
  • Extending the capabilities of Remix to Lightroom on web and mobile
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  • Photo Restoration Neural Filter It’s coming to Photoshop on desktop soon, and Photoshop on the web is available here for anyone with a Photoshop subscription.
  • The latest versions of Lightroom and Lightroom Classic are available now and can be downloaded through the Creative Cloud app for desktop. Updates to Lightroom for mobile are rolling out globally starting today and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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