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Piaggio 1, electric logic for urban mobility

Piaggio 1, electric logic for urban mobility

Piaggio 1, electric logic for urban mobility

Piaggio bets on the market for urban electric scooters with the Piaggio 1, an agile, simple and economical model available in three versions that vary by the power of its engine and the capacity of the battery, with prices that start from 2,690 euros.

El Piaggio 1 comes to the market to become one of the benchmarks in the growing segment of electric scooters. A model that is based on details such as its simplicity, lightness and economy to become an interesting urban mobility tool in a catalog made up of three versions, two alternatives for electric motors and a range of up to 100 km.

The Piaggio 1 bases its proposal to deal with daily traffic in “zero emissions” mode on details such as its simplicity, lightness and practicality. For this it has a triple offer of models; the “1” and “1+” cataloged as mopeds (L1) with speed limited to 45 km / h and the “1 Active” in the L3 segment equivalent to a 125 cc, with a speed that reaches 60 km / h. Well, more than arriving, it clearly surpasses it, as we had the opportunity to verify it in a first contact made by the congested traffic in Madrid.

In all three cases, a electric motor located on the rear wheel hub. A unit that provides 1.2 kW of power reaching a peak of 2 kW on mopeds and 2.3 kW in the Active, whose maximum power peak is 3 kW. The user can manage the operation of the engine as desired through two modes; Echo, with which the speed is limited to 30 km / h, y Sports with full power delivery.

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The lithium ion battery is located in the recess under the seat and is removable, allowing it to be easily removed and charged at home or on the job. In the case of Piaggio 1, has a unit of 1.4 kWh capacity and 10 kg of weight that provides you 55 km of autonomy in Eco mode and 48 in Sport. The other two models increase its capacity up to 2.3 kWh and its weight at 15 kg, while the range is 100 km (Eco) and 68 km (Sport) in the 1+ and 85 or 66 km in the Active.

The instrumentation is chaired by a 5.5 inch LCD screen that presents a wide volume of information with day display modes in gray tones and night in full color, which change automatically thanks to a twilight sensor to offer the best sharpness in any light condition.

The speedometer presides over the central part, while around it the data related to the level of energy used or recovered while driving, the battery charge state and the residual autonomy in kilometers, instantaneous and average energy consumption, travel time, are displayed. Total and partial pdometer (Trip A and B).

a push button “MAP” located to the right of the handlebar allows you to choose between the two driving modes available in addition to a reverse function which, despite its light weight (75 kg 1m kg 1+ and Active), is most practical when moving the Piaggio 1 due to the slight retention it offers the electric motor if we push it in the opposite direction.

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The Piaggio 1 is already on sale in three solid color versions (Forever Gray Gray, Forever White White and Forever Black Black) and in three other color combinations (Sunshine Mix Orange, Arctic Mix Blue) and Forest Mix Green) at a price of 2,690 and 3,090 euros for the Piaggio 1 and Piaggio 1+, respectively, and of 3,290 euros in the case of the L3 Piaggio 1 Active version.

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