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Pilar Bardem, the strong woman of a family devoted to acting, dies



Pilar Bardem (Seville, 1939-Madrid, 2021) made his film debut with a masterpiece, ‘The world continues’ (1965), by Fernando Fernan Gomez, triumphal entry into an art that was in his blood. She is the daughter and mother of actors and the sister of a great director, Juan Antonio Bardem. Your parents were Rafael Bardem Y Matilde Muñoz Sampedro. Their children Javier and Carlos, it is included Monica, less known, they continued the tradition and carried the surname to Hollywood. The first two, above all, have time to overcome her, but today she is the most prolific of the family, with more than 130 titles between film and television.

Pilar passed away yesterday in the Ruber clinic in Madrid, to the 82 years, for a lung disease not related to the coronavirus, according to the magazine
, who broke the news. The actress was a compulsive smoker, a factor that helped her extract her characteristic hoarse voice from her vocal cords, but that the rest of her body did not appreciate so much. Among his achievements, stands out the Goya as best supporting actress for ‘Nobody will talk about us when we are dead’, a title that in his case could not be more false.

Half a century of career

The interpreter’s last film, ‘The Gypsy King’, was released in 2015, half a century after ‘The world goes on’. In those 50 years he made dozens of small roles, mostly, in which however he was able to demonstrate his character, extendable outside the screen, where he was known for her activism within the acting world.

Haute couture model during her youth, she did theater, film and television. On the boards, he composed some of his greatest characters, in works such as ‘The red-hot lead float’, by Francisco Nieva, and ‘The galas of the deceased’, by Valle-Inclán, as highlighted by the ‘Dictionary of Spanish cinema’ of the Film Academy, directed by Jose Luis Borau.

On the small screen, he was ahead of the fashion of the series with titles such as ‘The joys and the shadows’, ‘Ramón y Cajal’, ‘The footprint of crime’, and ‘Central Brigade’, some of which have nothing to envy the current ones. He also left his stamp on ‘Lorca, muerte de un poeta’ and ‘El joven Picasso’. Already in this century, in which he continued working at a tireless pace, he participated in ‘A step forward’, ‘Amar es para siempre’, ‘Doctor Mateo’, ‘Hospital Central’ and, of course, in ‘Tell me how it happened’, among many others.

In the cinema, curiously, it took him more to attract attention, until Enrique Urbizu hit the key in ‘Todo por la pasta’ (1991). But it was again Fernán Gómez who offered him his best role, that of a bitter wife with an overwhelming personality, to put it mildly, of the also protagonist of ‘Seven thousand days together’ (1994).

A year later, the aforementioned Goya won at the command Agustin Diaz Yanes. In 1995 he shot seven films and at the subsequent gala his nephew received another ‘big head’ Miguel, to the best short. There is no better summary of two of his hallmarks: a prolific career and infallible DNA.

Communication from your children

Her children, Carlos, Mónica and Javier, have sent a statement in which they express the following: «We want to share the news that Pilar Bardem, our mother, our example, has passed away. She has gone in peace, without suffering and surrounded by the love of her loved ones. We know of the affection and admiration that many people felt for her, inside and outside of Spain, for the actress and the fighter and always supportive person that she was. We appreciate with all our hearts that love for our mother. Thanks”.

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