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Pilar Ruiz Costa, awarded for her article ‘Jump into the void’, published in ‘Diario de Ibiza’

Pilar Ruiz collects the award at the Caixaforum in Palma de Mallorca.

Pilar Ruiz collects the award at the Caixaforum in Palma de Mallorca.

Pilar Ruiz Costa has received the first prize for responsible journalism in suicidal behavior in the Balearic Islands for the article ‘Jump into the void’, published in Diario de Ibiza – a medium of the same Group, Prensa Ibérica, as this newspaper – on June 12. The Association of Professionals in Prevention and Postvention of Suicide ‘Papageno’, together with the Association of Family and Friends Survivors of Suicide of the Balearic Islands (Afasib), are the organizers of this first edition, whose objective is to distinguish the best works that they make the problem of suicide visible and help save lives.

The jury was made up of Nicole Haber Eterovich, head of the Suicide Observatory of the Public Health Service of the Balearic Islands; Gabriel Gonzalez Ortiz, journalist of the Navarra newspaper and author of the book Let’s talk about suicide. Guidelines and reflections to address this problem in the media; Maria de Quesada Herrero, journalist and author of the book The Yellow Girl; and Olga Fernandez Castro, journalist specialized in health, winner of the Roche Institute and ASEBIO journalism awards. The judge has recognized the first person testimony of Ruiz Costa, the originality or the editorial quality offering a positive solution to the problem of suicide, as explained on the official website of ‘Papageno’,

“The column, written from the heart and based on her personal experience, recounts the past problems of the author, who as a victim of sexist violence thought of taking her own life when her daughter was two years old,” relates this publication. “With an authentic approach, Ruiz Costa puts into words an intimate and reflective testimony of his own history of overcoming without taboos or anonymous”, he adds, and transcribes a paragraph from Pilar Ruiz’s column: “I would never dare to simplify a drama like this, but I suspect that behind many suicides is not wanting to die, but wanting to stop suffering and suffering there are more than mountains ”.

Precisely, during the award ceremony, the organizers pointed out that Ruiz’s article has helped “save lives” and they stressed the need that, after the suicide or suicide attempt, it is important to talk about it so that it stops being a stigma and a taboo. The award was presented during an event held at the Caixaforum in Palma, after two round tables, one on ‘The media in preventing suicidal behavior and reporting responsibility’ and ‘Communication as a vehicle for prevention of suicide: perspectives’.

On the other hand, the jury has decided to award the second prize in the local category to two candidates that make the problem of suicide visible with interviews with people specialized in this subject. Immaculate Saranova, journalist from Onda Cero Ibiza and Formentera, by the interviews with Nicole Haber, Xisca Morell and Guillermo Córdoba, and Maria Jose Real, deputy director of Ibiza and Formentera newspaper, for the interview with Oriol Lafau, Coordinator of Mental Health of the Balearic Islands, have deserved the recognition of the jury and will receive a commemorative diploma for their work.

The Ibizan writer Pilar Ruiz won the IV Prize for Journalism against Gender Violence of the Grupo Norte Foundation in the category of written press for the article ‘The years that did not exist’, published in 2018 in the Dominical of ‘Diario de Ibiza’.

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