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Piqué and Ibai Llanos buy an eSports team and will compete in the ‘LOL’ Super League

The Barça defender Gerard Piqué and the streamer Ibai Llanos they have allied once again, now in video games. The tandem has announced the founding of a new team of sports to compete in the next Super league of the video game ‘League of Legends‘, thanks to the competition license they have acquired.

The name of the team, the crest, the players and the sponsors of the new team will be revealed in the coming months. “This new project reinforces the alliance that exists between Cosmos me Ibai. We have worked together on two major projects in recent months, America Cup and the debut of Messi“, he communicated Cosmos, the company from which Pique is president.

Ibai’s request

“Both have given good results and now we are getting into a joint project that Ibai it made him especially excited. Our goal is to take this new team to the top of the sports“, specifically commented the Blaugrana defender, in his capacity as president of Cosmos.

Ibai LlanosA popular content creator, he first rose to fame when he was a ‘caster’ in League of Legends, a strategy game in which two teams of five players face off to see who destroys the enemy’s base.

In the Super league, organized by LVP and in which the new team of Piqué and Ibai will participate, the ten best teams in the country compete. The current champion is Vodafone Giants, which was imposed on UCAM Sports Club in the final played in Barcelona the last August 12.

300,000 unique viewers

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“The arrival of Ibai and Pique to Super league It is an important step for the growth of this sector. From the LVP we are convinced that they will contribute all their knowledge and passion to make an even bigger Super League and to consolidate the league as an indisputable reference at European level, “he explained Jordi Soler, general director of the LVP.

The Super league closed the 2021 summer season with almost five million cumulative viewers and with the best consumption figures in its history. The competition exceeded 2.6 million hours watched, 39% more than the previous year. In addition, the grand finale had an audience of 300,000 unique viewers and it broke the historical record of concurrent spectators with 73,596 people.

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