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Piqué’s millionaire pact with Rubiales for taking the Super Cup to Arabia

Gerard Pique and Luis Rubiales. / Eph

The FEF would have agreed with Kosmos, the Barcelona defender’s company, a millionaire commission for bringing the Super Cup to the Arab country: “Eight million to Madrid and Barça… and you keep the Federation six kilos, uncle”


Mess in the Spanish Football Federation on account of the Spanish Super Cup against Saudi Arabia. The body chaired by Luis Rubiales agreed with Kosmos, the company chaired by Gerard Piqué, a millionaire commission for running this competition, according to what El Confidencial revealed on Monday. According to the information, in the contract signed with Sela, the Saudi public company, the federative entity guaranteed the collection of 40 million euros for each edition of the Super Cup, while Kosmos takes four million for each of the six years signed in the contract with Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the newspaper reveals conversations between Luis Rubiales, president of the Federation, and Gerard Piqué, Barcelona center-back and president of the Kosmos company in which it is clear how the negotiation of this agreement was carried out. «Let’s see, Rubi, if it’s a matter of money, if they (Real Madrid) would go for 8, hell, man, you pay eight to Madrid and eight to Barça… the others are paid 2 and 1… .there are 19, and you keep the Federation six kilos, uncle. Before you keep nothing, you keep six kilos. And we squeeze Saudi Arabia and maybe we’ll get him out… we tell him that if not, Madrid won’t go… and we’ll get one more stick or two more sticks…», says Piqué in one of the conversations revealed by the newspaper.

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These words from the Barcelona central defender are a response to Rubiales’ comment in which he assured him that Real Madrid was not considering the possibility of playing the Super Cup outside of Spain for less than that amount, eight million euros. In addition, in another of the revealed conversations, both Luis Rubiales and Gerard Piqué raised the possibility that the tournament, before it ended up taking Arabia, would be played in a Spanish venue. It is at that moment that the Camp Nou appears as a possible setting for the Super Cup dispute. In fact, both hatch a plan for it to be played at the Barça stadium, with a previous meeting between Rubiales and Real Madrid to offer him to play at the Santiago Bernabéu.

“Let’s see, Geri, look. I am also going to see this with Madrid. I think Madrid is going to tell me no, that comes to us from hell to justify ourselves for the future and we say that it is the stadium with the most capacity, that it is the champion, that it is the Cup champion or Cup finalist. .. I think we have legitimacy, “says Rubiales, according to the revealed audios.

“Congratulations Gery”

As 2019 advanced, those contacts continued but they focused on taking the competition to Saudi Arabia and negotiations with Riyadh began. In fact, in some audios it is Piqué himself who explains to Rubiales what the commissions proposed by the Saudis are like. “Rubi, he is referring not to the fact that you pay the commission,” the Barcelona central defender details in an audio.

An agreement was finally reached with Saudi Arabia for the dispute in Riyadh for six years of the Super Cup. An exultant Rubiales communicates the agreement reached to Gerard Piqué in another audio: «Geri, congratulations. And I’m not referring to yesterday’s great game or your goal. I mean that it is already after 12 o’clock and therefore the agreement with Saudi Arabia is already firm. A hug, thanks for everything and here I am for whatever you need.(…) Take good care of yourself, my friend”, Rubiales tells him.

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