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Pirlo, a lost brain, a head in danger

. He was a player symbol and is on the verge of failure in his debut as a manager. Its continuity is considered discarded.

. Juventus is out of the Champions League two days from the end, and this Saturday they host Inter.

. “Watching Juve play this year has been an exercise in masochism,” says Alberto Marini, filmmaker and illustrious ‘tifoso’.

As it is very likely that the head no longer saves it, with all the thumbs pointing down for weeks, to Andrea Pirlo (Flero, Lombardia, 1979) he only has to dignify the season of his debut as a coach. In addition to the end of the Bowl (next Wednesday against Atalanta), he has two games to avoid the disaster of leaving the Champions League to Juventus, the club that had nine consecutive Italian leagues, the gold as a routine, and that today is fifth, behind Inter, Atalanta, Milan and Naples.

The deadly double will be against Inter (Saturday 15) and Bologna (Sunday 23) in the middle of a funeral atmosphere, with the decapitating sword throwing sparks on the grinding wheel and the entity in limbo of not knowing how the retaliation of the offended UEFA will be , after the failed ‘flirt’ of the Turin club with the Super league to whom he gave himself with singular frenzy Andrea Agnelli, the president ‘bianconero’. The Juventine bet for find your own Guardiola, a house man, inexperienced but with charisma and fresh ideas. Pirlo, the player who went with telemetry incorporated, is on his way to being one of those great footballers for whom it is easier to do things than to have them done.

The masochism of being a Juve fan

“Being Juve’s and criticizing Pirlo makes you feel like a Judas. But honestly, watching Juve play this year has been an exercise in masochism. It doesn’t matter if the Coppa wins (I hope that, for dignity, they don’t celebrate it) or that a miracle happens with the Champions League. This season is insurmountable. And Pirlo has his share of responsibility ”, affirms the screenwriter Alberto Marini (Turin, 1972, co-creator and writer, among many other productions, of the series ‘The unit’, by Movistar +), surely the most illustrious Juventine ‘tifoso’ in Barcelona, ​​and undoubtedly the most analytical.

The end came last Sunday with the blushing loss at home to Milan (0-3), the result that relegated Juve to fifth place. The board ratified Pirlo on Monday, in one of those decisions that sound unconvincing and resigned. Many voices called for the dismissal, but the club maintains it by understanding that, two weeks before the end, a change would be useless, a patch on the Croatian’s person Igor Tudor, A former center-back who spent seven seasons at Juve and now serves as Pirlo’s second. For the reconstruction it already sounds Max allegri -who would return triumphantly after his sabbatical, with the guarantee still intact of the five consecutive ‘scudetti’ that he harvested between 2014 and 2019-, without losing sight of Zinedine Zidane, a prodigal son of the house in latent distress at Real Madrid.

“Pirlo – Beto Marini continues – will always be a symbol of Juve for what he has been and has given us on the pitch. Unwavering love and everlasting gratitude. Perhaps, one day, he will become a great coach as well. But now that Allegri is back to rebuild a team that needs a deep re-foundation ”.

Pirlo’s season is undeniably bad, weighed down by a puzzling irregularity. Against Barça in the Champions League, for example. In Turin, it allowed one of the best shows for the Catalans (0-2); at the Camp Nou, a wiggle was marked that left Messi and company at the feet of PSG in the second round (0-3).

Cristiano Ronaldo has remained a soloist eager to inflate his fabulous accounts, rounded off on Wednesday against Sassuolo with his 100th goal in this shirt. He has 28 in this league (6 from penalties) but only 2 goal passes. It is a ‘capocannoniere’ that does not tow the team. In addition, the press and fans reproach him for his disappearances in the transcendent duels, and to frame his unfavorable portrait of the day of the elimination in the Champions League against Porto remains, shrinking in the barrier to allow the passage of Sergio Oliveira’s free kick that in the end it was definitive. Either Alvaro Morata it has been a great solution, with only nine goals in the championship.

“It is true that Pirlo has had all the mitigating circumstances in the world”, reflects Marini. “Has been found a team (poorly) chosen by others, he has not had time to prepare for the season, many players have not made the grade. But it is also true that Juve has gone from bad to worse, that even now that we are at the end of the season it is known what it plays and there is a lack of motivation, intensity and widespread and growing dedication. A coach is asked a tactical job but also the management of the squad. And both aspects have been deficient ”.

Nobody can say that, by names, Juve does not have a great squad. In addition to his famous attacking partner, there are De Ligt, Chiellini, Bonucci, Dybala, Rabiot, Chiesa, Cuadrado, Bernardeschi … “The curious thing, or rather criminal, of This Juve trained by Pirlo is that he plays without a Pirlo. And not because there is no one like him, but because, unbelievably, among more than half a dozen midfielders there is no brain, ”continues Marini.

Also, some are very worn figures, such as the central Chiellini, who will turn 37 in August and has already announced that he will not continue, the same as Buffon, who at 43 considers that he is not old enough to warm up the bench and wants to continue playing. Offers has. Completely failed the signing of the ex-azulgrana has resulted Arthur Melo, who does not leave the substitution and questions every day that passes the esoteric barter with Pjanic, bad for all parties.

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With those players and Pirlo’s new air, what no one would have predicted in September is that Juventus would be by now with one foot out of the Champions League. Some commentators and ex-footballers, such as David trezeguet, blame the staff, question their delivery, and mostly exonerate the coach, sold by a few stars who are not very committed.

But, oddly enough, the fiasco on the field still might not be the worst of the season. Even the presence of the Piedmontese in the next Italian league, whose president, Gabriele gravina, is considering putting the suitcases at the door for the flinging with the European Super League, which Andrea Agnelli has not yet retracted. Like Pirlo, the president may also have his days numbered.


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