Saturday, September 25

Pisco war between Chile and Peru: the new Chilean strategy to defend its production in the world (and confront the Lima market)

  • Fernanda Paul
  • BBC News World

Pisco sour

Image source, Getty Images


Pisco sour is a famous cocktail made from pisco and lemon, among other ingredients.

Is the pisco Peruvian or Chilean?

The question has been causing controversy for decades in these two Latin American countries. Some will say, with certainty, that he is Peruvian. While the others will affirm, with the same security, that there is no doubt that he is Chilean.

Added to this are the eternal discussions about the quality or authenticity of this alcoholic beverage that is made from grapes and that inspired the famous cocktail, the pisco sour.

Now, the “trade war” between Chile and Peru over the appellation of origin of pisco added a new episode after the Chilean government decided to promote a plan to defend its production internationally.

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