Wednesday, July 28

Pitts and very little else in Palma (80-69)

Pitts, in attack, during yesterday’s game in Palma. | PALM

Pitts and no one else. Party to forget the HLA Alicante in Palma and second loss of the season. Very bad encounter of the Lucentino players who, despite everything, came to be only three points apart in the last quarter. Too many players missing and alone Pitts managed to get intoned in the second part, insufficient to impose on a rival that completely dominated from the beginning. Bad feelings for a Lucentum that starts the year with a more than fair defeat in Palma.

Unrecognizable the HLA in the first two rooms in which he was at the mercy of Palma. Only Chumi Ortega maintained the type of a very clueless team that accumulated turnovers. Pitts did not appear and Pedro Rivero’s team showed the fluidity and annotation that the American base usually provides. Lucentum very badly starting the match against Palma with more precision that it did not take long to enjoy the first advantages on the scoreboard (16-6). Only Zohore put effort into the paint (although it was something very fleeting), but it was the triples of Galán and Huertas in the last moments of the first quarter that maintained and even disguised the score with a 20-16 at the end of the first 10 minutes . Chumi was undoubtedly the best adding points, rebounds and stolen balls, but it was not enough against an opponent who was doing things better.

The second quarter made things worse despite the fact that the Lucentians came to draw (23-23) after much effort. The Palma continued to his own, taking advantage of the bad HLA game and bad possessions to go into the break with a 37-29. Lucentum badly in the offensive rebound and too many missteps (9 of 27 in field goals) with Gjuroski totally missing for several days.

The second part started even worse. Rivero only took two minutes to request time out after a 5-0 start and a dangerous 42-29 score. Lucentum’s timid reaction with a slightly more toned Pitts that prevented the Balearic team from further distancing itself on the scoreboard.

Despite the slight Lucentian improvement in attack, Palma was much more confident on the pitch with very good defense and a more precise game. Lucenti misalignments were a constant throughout the game. Pitts was toned, but too lonely because this time the team lacked their usual choral play and chaos reigned in the HLA Alicante. The 53-39 made things very complicated although the American base was in charge of putting light and allowing the dream of the comeback. With 13 points from Pitts in the third quarter, the nine-point deficit seemed even traceable (57-48). It would not be the first time.

It was not HLA day. The thickness in attack was alarming and the Palma did not fail. Only Pitts was in charge of feeding hope with triples against an opponent who had not just sentenced. Palma had to call a timeout with 65-56 on the scoreboard. The Lucentinos wanted to fight the game and came to put fear into the local team with an impressive triple by Edu Martínez and the free throws of Urtasun (65-62) with four minutes remaining. But there was nothing to do because ahead was a much more solid rival who never saw victory in jeopardy. Defeat that should serve to reflect on the little contribution of players like Zohore (he only played five minutes) and Gjuroski. Second defeat of the season and bad feelings in Palma. On Saturday the TAU Castelló awaits at the Pedro Ferrándiz (19.00). An improvement is urgently needed in an important month.

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