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Pixar reveals what lies behind its characters | Culture

Models for the film 'Ratatouille' at the exhibition 'Pixar.  Constructing Characters' which was inaugurated this Wednesday at CaixaForum Sevilla.
Models for the film ‘Ratatouille’ at the exhibition ‘Pixar. Constructing Characters’ which was inaugurated this Wednesday at CaixaForum Sevilla.PACO PUENTES / EL PAÍS

Human Joe and his soul, the protagonist of Soul, the latest Disney Pixar production, are presented to the public before the premiere of the film, which will be on December 25, through two drawings that are part of the exhibition Pixar. Building characters. The exhibition, inaugurated this Wednesday at CaixaForum Sevilla, reveals the entire process of creation of the American animation studio from which hits have come like Toy Story, Seeking Nemo, Ratatouille, Cars o Brave.

Tony Fucile’s drawings for Soul, in which the music teacher Joe Gardner appears next to his soul are part of the process in which the characters acquire humanity. “Each image is an opportunity to convey feelings, that is why hundreds of designs are created until the definitive character is reached,” Brianne Moseley, who has curated the exhibition together with Maren Jones, director of the exhibition program, pointed out this Wednesday by videoconference. from Pixar Animation Studios.

Pixar. Building characters, which can be seen in Seville until March 21, brings together 130 drawings and 48 resin models of the protagonists of a score of films that have come out of the Emeryville studios in San Francisco. The exhibition, which will travel to the CaixaForum in Girona, Palma de Mallorca, Tarragona and Lleida in 2021, narrates from within the process of creating the characters and the visual development of Pixar films, which in 2006 merged with Disney. The exhibition, organized by Pixar in collaboration with the La Caixa Foundation, includes five audiovisuals in which the studio’s cartoonists and scriptwriters reveal how their work has been, such an exhaustive work to build the world in which each story unfolds that in One of the videos shows hundreds of irises of Pixar characters and they are all different.

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“The creative process for a film usually takes about five years and involves about 300 professionals. The director is the one who contributes the idea of ​​the story based on his own environment, on his family, because that is key to connecting with the children’s audience. Then there are usually between two and 20 cartoonists who create the characters, which change according to the needs of the script. It is very difficult for a character not to undergo changes, ”explained Brianne Moseley. One of those exceptions is Roz, the secretary of SA monsters., which has remained identical since its birth. Its creator Ricky Nierva tells in a video how the process was.

Among the drawings shown is Sheriff Woody, from Toy StoryLike a wooden ventriloquist puppet, later transformed into a lovable rag doll, or the space superhero Buzz with highly humanized features, something that was later discarded to give him a more robotic appearance. What did not change were their colors, green and purple, because they were the favorites of the wife of Jhon Lasseter, the director of the first installment of the saga.

“In the first steps, each artist chooses the technique with which he feels most comfortable, so in the original designs that we have brought there are pencil drawings, acrylics, watercolors, gouches or digital painting. It is a work material that, for the most part, had never left the studio ”, the curator pointed out. The storyboard is also present with snippets from various storyboards.

“They are characters who have different reading levels so that they can empathize with viewers of different ages,” added Moisés Roiz, director of CaixaForum Sevilla, who recalled that this exhibition is the second collaboration between the foundation and the animation studio. The first was the exhibition Pixar, 25 years of animation that could be seen in 2015 in several of its venues.

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The exhibition also includes a series of conferences and another of films and short films that traces the history of Pixar from its first work released in theaters. They will be able to see Toy Story (1995), The Incredibles (2004), Up (2009), his first foray into 3D, Reverse (2015), winner of the Oscar for best animated film, and one of his latest productions Coco (2017).

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