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Pizza, packaged cereals, nachos, some of the worst summer meals

Eating foods rich in calories, fat, sodium and sugar is the main enemy of body weight and health.

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Summer is fast approaching and it will undoubtedly be a very special season of the year, After the pandemic, it is undeniable that we all want to spend time outdoors. Whether it is lighting the grill to have a meeting with friends in the garden, visiting the nearest beach or simply exercising outdoors, enjoying the good weather and the rays of the sun has never been so necessary. The truth is that the more time we spend outdoors and in contact with nature, that dose of natural vitamin D will make us feel better and better and it is very likely that it will increase the motivation to see ourselves and feel better. Especially in those people who have been very focused on fulfilling their goals related to weight loss.

However the temptations of summer are present and it is very easy that we are constantly surrounded by foods that are not necessarily the best option. Although they can be incredibly attractive, their recurring consumption often leads to bloating, increases belly fat and alters the gut microbiome. The good news is that the solution is not that complicated: bet on avoiding caloric foods, rich in fats, sugars, sodium and flours, and choose fresh and natural alternatives. Based on this, we set out to compile the list of the most popular and commonly consumed inflammatory suspects: they induce bloating, alter the digestive and intestinal system, our energy and mood. Remember that in many cases these are empty calories that will only make you eat more.

1. Pizza

Sure, pizza is one of the most tempting foods of all time. Not just summer! Regardless of the season of the year and the weather, it is always delicious and conveniently accessible, and it is also a dish that is very easy to find in any tourist destination. However, let’s be honest, pizza is a caloric bomb, which will keep you far from a flat stomach: the combination of fat from cheese and sodium from sausages like pepperoni, they will trigger inflammation, fluid retention, fatigue, listlessness, and weight gain. Also do not forget that they are usually foods that deteriorate mental and emotional health.

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2. Chilli

It is true that on a hot day what we least think about is a hot bowl of beans with chili and cheese. However, the ingredients of this dish are quite recurrent in other summer classics, finally the experts emphasize that it will always be better. avoid combinations that involve cheese and meat together. Such is the case with hot dogs, nachos, hamburgers and fast foods with cold cuts. Most likely, the meat and cheese you will be serving are processed and full of preservatives, all of which add belly fat, without helping to keep it flat.

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3. Nachos

One of the most emblematic fast foods of the summer and the appetizer that you will find everywhere is nachos. Although they are a fast and accessible option, it is very normal to order them as a snack at the pool or at any outdoor barbecue. However the nachos cheese is anything but real cheese and it is a product that stands out for its high fat and sodium content. The end result will be a bloated belly, increased thirst and cravings, plus possible fluid retention. Bet on fresher snacks such as veggie crudités, ceviche, salads and fresh fruits.

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4. Commercial cereals

Of course we are not saying that all cereals are prohibited and it is true that they are an easy alternative for hot days, especially when we soak them in plenty of cold milk. This childhood classic can also be a great ally to take to picnics and beach days, without much complication. However, there are alternatives that are simply a mistake since they are full of sugar, it is well known that added sugars are highly inflammatory, can cause spikes and drops in blood sugar. Eventually they will unleash the craving for eating and you are likely to overeat, as industrial versions tend to be unsatisfying. Bet on whole grains and oats.

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5. Chicken nuggets

Another classic finger-food perfect for nibbling and present in all beach club menus, are chicken nuggets. Without a doubt, they are the favorites of young and old, a practical and satisfying option. However we cannot forget that it is about a fried fast food, which is usually characterized by the use of hydrogenated oils and are accompanied by caloric and sodium-rich sauces. Its content in saturated fat and carbohydrates is high, and are associated with a feeling of heaviness.

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6. Malted

Dairy doesn’t make everyone bloat, but if you have a lactose sensitivity, consuming smoothies or milkshakes throughout a hot summer day is simply the worst thing you can do for digestion. Even for those who can easily digest dairy, these types of drinks are very heavy since They are made with caloric ingredients, rich in fat and sugar: ice cream, chocolate, whipped cream and other ingredients that accumulate sugar and calories. In addition, a recent study found that drinking shakes recurrently is a dietary habit that negatively affects blood vessels and thus cardiovascular health, not to mention bloating and weight gain. They are also the most addictive! Since they stimulate the brain’s pleasure signals.

Keto smoothie
Malted. / Photo: Pixabay

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