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Planas rules out international pressure for a new referendum in Catalonia: “I don’t even think about it”

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas.
Europa Press

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has ruled out the possibility that the international community supports a new referendum in Catalonia, as the ERC leader, Oriol Junqueras, trusts to achieve independence: “I don’t even think about it”, as Planas stated in an interview with Europa Press.

The words of Planas thus respond to those uttered by ERC leader Oriol Junqueras who stated in an interview in El País that the dialogue table sees it as a step to obtain the endorsement of the international community for the celebration of a new referendum of independence in Catalonia. Junqueras believes that if, despite efforts, there is a public and notorious failure of negotiations with the government of Pedro Sánchez, authorized voices abroad would press for the vote.

“We are aware that it will be difficult because the Spanish State has no interest in recognizing our independence. We have to win it with a referendum, the participation of the people and a process that is recognized by the international community, “he said.

Thus, the possibility that Junqueras sees in the international endorsement collides with the opinion of the minister who he assures that he does not even consider it and defends that the position of the Government of Spain is that of “dialogue”, so that the dialogue table with Catalonia “must always be situated within constitutional parameters.”

“I have never doubted it, nor has the Prime Minister doubted it at any time. It seems normal to me that it is said that all dialogue will have a reflection within the whole, evidently, of our constitutional system, “he added in reference to the statements made this summer by a spokesman for Podemos, who asked that the solutions for Catalonia be within the Constitution.

Likewise, he highlighted that “the best sample of collaboration” between Catalonia and Spain goes through solve “the problems” that citizens really have.

Economic recovery

At another point, asked about the wear and tear that the Government has suffered after criticism of the rise in the price of electricity and the crisis in Ceuta, Planas has assured that the central Executive is in “very good shape” and that it acts as ” it has to do it “, thus rejecting the criticisms that in the summer the Government was in holidays and it has not dealt with matters such as the rise of electricity or the repatriation of the Moroccan minors who entered Ceuta.

Likewise, it has ensured that the Government is beginning a political course focused on a process of “important economic and social recovery for Spain” based on the fact that “two thirds” of Spaniards already have the complete schedule of the coronavirus vaccine.

“We have an agenda to work, to add and to progress and not a disqualification and criticism schedule “, has remarked.

Neighbor countries and friends

Regarding his assessment of relations between Spain and Morocco, after the latest tensions between the two countries, the minister stressed that they are in a “very interesting” moment and praised the speech offered by King Mohamed VI in which he expressed his intention to inaugurate a “new stage” with Spain based on “mutual respect”.

“I believe that the speech of the King of Morocco clearly manifests a will on the Moroccan side. There is also, obviously, a will on the part of the Government of Spain “, he has influenced.

In the same way, it has shown the interest of the Government of Spain in working on a “positive agenda” as “neighbor” and “friend” countries for the future.

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