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Planeta Calleja: Maribel Verdú confesses that she suffered sexual harassment: “Influential people called the dressing room and I told them ‘Can you get out of here?” | People

With more than 100 titles to his credit, 11 nominations for the Goya Awards and two big heads won, Maribel Verdú is one of the best known and recognized actresses in Spanish cinema. At the age of 50, the interpreter has an active career in film, television and theater, both in Spain and in Latin America, and on Sunday night she got a little closer to the public with her participation in Planet Calleja (Four).

In her appearance on the Jesús Calleja program, the artist traveled with the adventurer to São Tomé and Príncipe, a small island country in the Gulf of Guinea. Verdú spoke about her life, her fears (such as diving, which she overcame with the help of the program’s presenter), about her husband – “the love of my life,” she said about him -, Pedro Larrañaga, or about his decision of not having children. But one of the most striking moments of the talk was when he spoke about the fear of aging, female objectification and even harassment, personal and work.

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“You are a myth for many people … Didn’t you suffer harassment?” Jesús Calleja asked the actress. “Yes, and I don’t know of any woman who hasn’t happened to, who hasn’t had to endure atrocities. That, suddenly, you have brought to trial, as was my case many years ago, “the interpreter acknowledged about an event that happened to her” a long time ago when she was starting out, “she explained, without wanting to go into details. Years ago, Verdú had a lawsuit over this issue, but then they were not paid the same attention by the press and public opinion. In addition, although she decided not to give more details, she did refer to a time when she had felt harassed. “That a man is placed with the package behind you and knowing that he is doing it on purpose is very disgusting,” he confessed, explaining that sometimes he has reacted in public and other times, for not making a scandal, he has preferred to avoid it.

“At work it has happened to me,” he said. “There have been people who called the dressing room, very influential people, and [tuve que] tell him: ‘Can you get out of here? Can you repeat this to me in front of my colleagues? ”said Verdú. “With a dishonest proposition?” Calleja asked her, to which she answered yes, that was what had happened. Then, he said, he quickly left that dressing room and called a couple of colleagues, “well known, actors, boys”, to whom he said: ‘Please, this just happened to me, I trembling, can you accompany me? ” . They would go back to the dressing room, the actress explained, and said to that person: ‘Now can you repeat this? ”. “It is a masculine presence that is with you there and they already cut each other. And it makes me sick, “he said.

“For me it was liberating,” he says of the emergence of the Me Too movement. In fact, he assures that he has come to change the sidewalk on a street if he saw a group of men and was walking with his sisters to avoid “hearing bullshit and atrocities.” He also explains that the fact of being able to take out the mobile and say: “I’m recording you, watch out.” “That gives me a great peace of mind …”, he explained. Verdú assured that there are things that it cannot bear: “Apart from injustice, it is the abuse of power, extrapolating it to any place, in any space, and that is exercised a lot, unfortunately, still.” In fact, he said that he has lived through very delicate situations, but preferred to confide it only to his intimates and “to the people who have to know”, explaining that “suddenly, someone you fully trust takes advantage of you, and you say: ‘ If you are a criminal. You are unpresentable ”.

In addition, Verdú wanted to talk about the pressure of aging on the screen and about the fear of losing jobs, which for her is real because it has happened to friends of hers as they have been turning years. “I always think that each year may be the last year Because you are a woman, you are celebrating your birthday … Unfortunately for women it is a fat burden, you see that they all end up touching, doing themselves … ”, she said in reference to cosmetic surgery. She explained that it has happened to many women, while not to many men: “It happens like in life, we believe that we have achieved a lot and we have achieved very little. That is why we have to be in the constant fight for equality ”.

Regarding the sex scenes on the screen, Calleja asked Verdú why women “can show their boobs and men can’t show their butts.” “This is a regrettable, pathetic thing,” replied the actress. “I have reflected on that. If I said no to scenes like these I would have missed movies like The good star, Lovers, Belle Epoque… Movies that have meant so much to me. But today I would say, do I have to do this? Aha, very good, both the same. Both the same or neither ”.

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