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PLANS IN ALICANTE | The almond blossom festival returns to the province

The almond trees have already begun to bloom giving the fields a unique tone during the last days of January and the first days of February. The Alicante province It has several ideal areas to contemplate this beautiful natural spectacle. One of the best known is the area surrounding the town of Alkali.

During these dates, this town organizes many activities centered on the almond blossom and that are grouped under the name of Feslalí.

Feslalí has ​​always been synonymous with festivity and pride in showing and celebrating the great beauty that the town acquires due to the large number of almond trees in bloom

Almond trees in bloom in Torremendo, next to La Pedrera. D.PAmies

Alicante offers different routes and plans to see almond trees in bloom During this time of the year, since it is when the flowers appear and the image of the interior of Alicante is one of the most precious of the year. The most outstanding is the route of the almond trees in bloom in Alcalalí, not only because of the route, but also because of everything that it generates around it.

Feslalí presents various activities around the almond tree and this year it will celebrate its sixth edition, a new edition marked by the covid, but this year also by the Xylella. Even so, the festival is going to go ahead and will have different routes: musical, ethnobotanical, Coll de Rates and even a pet friendly one, exhibitions and a photographic contest, artistic exhibitions and guided visits to different places of interest in Alcalalí.

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Image of Alcalalí with almond trees in bloom

To participate in the many activities offered Feslalí it is necessary to reserve a place through These activities start from next week but today is an ideal time to get closer to the area and explore it on your own, enjoying the beautiful views alone or with your partner or friends.

Other routes to see the almond trees in bloom in the province of Alicante

Although this event draws all eyes, in Alicante there are several routes scattered throughout the province and that bring the history of many towns closer, such as the route of the almond trees of Xixona. When the almond trees bloom in this town, the natural cycle of nougat begins, so it is highly recommended to visit the Nougat Museum or some factory behind the route.

Other routes are: route of The Castle Arches of Castells, route of Relief in the Tower of the Maçanes, route of the almond trees in the Sierra of Aitana, route of the almond trees in La Vall de Laguar or the route of the almond trees in the Sierra del Algayat.

a hiking trail is a great weekend plan always in Alicante, but these days much more. The precious image of almond blossom inside of Alicante is a more than compelling reason to organize a route in which to appreciate a unique winter landscape and be a little more in touch with our nature by making a plan that also includes physical activity.

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