Wednesday, September 27

Plasencia adds 1.2 million euros to buy electric buses

The Los Arcos cooperative has managed the urban transport service since 1982. / TODAY

Request 1,173,700 euros for a comprehensive reform of the library

With the advice of the Extremadura Energy Agency (Agenex), the City Council is finalizing the specifications that will govern the acquisition of the first electric buses for the city.

For this purchase, which will mean a renewal of the urban bus fleet, “we have obtained 1,200,000 euros”, the mayor, Fernando Pizarro, detailed this Wednesday. An amount that will serve for the intended renewal, “although we still do not know how many electric buses we can buy.” Because, explained the first mayor, “it will depend on the cost and also on the needs of Los Arcos”, the cooperative that has been managing the service since the 1980s in the city and whose contract ends this August, although there is an option to extend for another five years.

«A large electric bus is around half a million euros and, approximately half, a small one; That is why we have not yet decided how many we will acquire, because it will depend on the size ».

However, Pizarro has advanced that “the forecast is that before the end of the year we can have the specifications ready to start the acquisition.” Another thing will be when the new buses will arrive in the city, “because the companies manufacture on demand.”

On the other hand, the mayor has announced that it will be in August when the digital improvements that arrive with the 600,000 euros achieved in the Red. es call will be launched. This is to have the app that is already advertised on the city access signs, through which it will be possible to know the free spaces in the different car parks, to facilitate the visitor’s choice, and also the time of arrival. from the urban bus to the shift stop. Similarly, it will be in August when the 18 points with free Wi-Fi throughout the city will be activated for use.

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European funds

Finally, the mayor announced this Wednesday that the City Council has attended a new call for European funds and has requested 1,173,700 euros to be able to carry out a comprehensive reform of the municipal library.

An intervention that will be compatible with the service, in the event that the subsidy is achieved. Of the total amount requested, the Government will contribute 78% –922,000 euros– and the City Council the remaining 22%, 251,700 euros. “Although the municipal co-financing is 20%, we have increased it to be more competitive with respect to other administrations that attend,” argued Fernando Pizarro.

The intervention that is intended, and that is detailed in the preliminary project that has been prepared for the call, includes advancing in energy efficiency with the renovation of enclosures, carpentry and lowering of ceilings. Also the improvement of accessibility and habitability with the reorganization and distribution of spaces. The execution period, if the money is obtained, is three years, and it would make possible the recovery of the emblematic building on Trujillo Street, “deteriorated by the passage of time,” the mayor acknowledged.

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