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Plasencia literature stars in the first Post-Covid Book Fair

Juan Ramón Santos, Marisa Bermejo and Yolanda Amor, at the presentation of the Book Fair. / DAVID PALMA

Up to six local writers will present their works in an edition that will be held between April 27 and May 1 in the square

Plasencia will once again have a Book Fair this year like the ones it had before the covid broke out in March 2020. The cultural event recovers its dates, it will be held between April 27 and May 1 in the Plaza Mayor, and local writers will be the protagonists.

«Plasencia is a literary city not only because of the number of writers in it, but also because the town itself becomes literary territory in many of its works, either appearing as such or transformed elsewhere but without ceasing to be Plasencia», explains Juan Ramón Santos, Culture technician but also a well-known Plasencia writer and one of the six local authors who will present their works in this edition.

Along with him will also be Javier Negrete, Julio Pérez, Yolanda Regidor, Celia Conejero and Javier Morales. Authors all with trajectories who follow «the school started by Negrete himself, Álvaro Valverde or Gonzalo Hidalgo; writers who have made literature look like something that can be done in your city”, adds Juan Ramón Santos. Without forgetting, he adds, “the work in favor of literature that is done in the courses of the Popular University or from the Literature Classroom, which will be 25 years old next November.”

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Also the work carried out in the city by “the good bookstores we have, many in relation to the population”, which show that “Plasencia is a literary city”. Six will be present at this edition of the Book Fair along with two publishers. Specifically: The Batcave, The Secret Garden, Don Quixote, The Inkwell, La Pecera, La Puerta de Tannhäuser, the Regional Publisher of Extremadura and Editorial Usborne.

Presentations and activities

Javier Negrete and Julio Pérez focus with ‘Roma betrayed’ and ‘Capitán Zerep. Viajero en el tiempo’ the presentations on the first day, April 27, which will begin at 6:30 pm and will close two hours later with a music and poetry recital by ‘Duende Josele’.

On Thursday 28, at the same time, it will be the turn of ‘Zazá y la historia de Rui’ with Alicia Chamorro and Fran Serrano; ‘All the demons’ by Luis Roso and ‘The first things’ by Bruno Vieira Amaral, the Portuguese writer who is participating this year in the fair, in which the Camões Institute is collaborating.

Friday’s session will begin at 6 pm with a double presentation: ‘The Enemy of Man’ and ‘The Possibilities’, by Montaña Campón and David Eloy Rodríguez. They will be followed by Juan Ramón Santos with his novel ‘La muerte de Pinflói’ and the day will close with ‘Un viaje en el tiempo’, a concert by singer-songwriter Javier Ahijada in tribute to the poets of 27.

On Saturday and Sunday the Book Fair will take place in the morning and afternoon. The 30th will start at 12 with the presentation of the illustrated album ‘The park of the urraca and other winged poems’ by Celia Conejero. At the same time there will be a signing of copies of the book ‘I just wanted to help’ in the booth of El Jardín Secreto by its author, Patricia Casasola. And at 1 pm, Pilar López Ávila will present her books ‘Si yo fue’ and ‘La rebelión de las vanetas’.

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Alonso de la Torre and Sánchez Adalid

On the afternoon of the 30th it will be the turn, starting at 5:30 p.m., of ‘Beyond Orion’ by Ana de Haro, ‘Las letters from the forest’ by Javier Morales, ‘The sea will remember our names’ by Javier de Isusi, ‘ The last romantics’ by Txani Rodríguez, and the day will close with the show ‘I am dreaming roads’, the narrated and painted journey through the life and work of Machado with Leticia Ruifernández and Nabil Naïr.

On Sunday, the last day of the fair, it will begin at 12 with the activity ‘Chefs of words’, a workshop and presentation of the book ‘Priscila and the Minisuperchef contest’ by Gracia Iglesias. And the morning will be closed by the writer José Ramón Alonso de la Torre with the presentation of ‘The General Gets Nervous’, the second installment of the ‘Franco’s Hairdresser’ trilogy.

In the afternoon, at 6:00 p.m., there will be the presentations of ‘About Cora’ by David Narganes, ‘The Bermejo Horses of the Simún’ by Leandro Pozas and Antonio Pérez Hernares will sign books in the booth of El Quixote.

A conference by Jesús Sánchez Adalid, the first in a series that will take place during The Ages of Man, entitled ‘Plasencia and Spain in the times of Bishop Don Bricio’, will close the Book Fair.

photo rally

The literary contest is not the only thing that returns normally after the pandemic. After two years without being held for this reason, the Popular University recovers its photographic rally.

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To participate in it there are 50 places and the registration period is open until the next 28, online through the UP blog or in person at its headquarters. It will take place on April 30 between 9:00 and 14:00, departing from the activities booth of the Book Fair.

There will be two modalities, one of digital photography as a camera and the other with a mobile phone, although in the case of those under 16 years of age the modalities are unified, as detailed this morning by Yolanda Amor, director of the UP, in the joint presentation of the rally with the Book Fair accompanied by Juan Ramón Santos and the mayor of Culture, Marisa Bermejo.

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