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Plasencia registers up to 90% of tourist occupation this bridge

The island’s bathing area is one of the great attractions of the summer. / TODAY

The first fortnight of August concludes with “very positive” figures for tourist accommodation after a “weaker” July

August is consolidated as the summer month that attracts the most visitors to the capital of Jerte. Events such as the Tuesday Mayor, the bridge of the Asunción or the Plasencia Folk contribute to filling the streets with tourists. And, in the case of overnight stays, this trend continues.

This is confirmed by Teo Magdaleno, president of the Association of Tourist Accommodation Placentinos (Altup) who confirms data as positive as the 90% occupancy that was registered last Friday. It has been, in general, a bridge of good results that ended with a holiday Monday that still maintained between 35 and 40 percent occupancy.

After a month of July that the hoteliers of this group have perceived as “weak, following the trend of previous years”, the first fortnight of this has brought many benefits.

Altup asks to promote the bathing areas and continue promoting the Isla parkThe accommodations have reached 90% on Friday and on Monday they remained between 35 and 40

The type of tourist that stops in Plasencia is still the one that travels. According to Magdaleno, “you can see that they are people who go to the beach or who travel to the north or to Portugal and Plasencia is a stop on their trip.” This is not necessarily considered something negative, but it is true that this group reiterates that the attractions of the city must be promoted to encourage visitors to stay during the summer months, which are, as far as tourism is concerned, complicated for hoteliers. .

From Altup they have reiterated the need to promote activities on the Island and around the Jerte River, since “people look for fresh air, look for places with swimming pools and the Island is a jewel”.

The conditions of the summer in Placentino, especially this year, are particular and also have their analysis by this group. This is the case of the high temperatures that the city has registered, often exceeding forty degrees, which has led to some cancellations. “Although they have recovered quickly and have not brought losses to take into account,” explains Magdaleno.

The Las Hurdes fire, which did affect overnight stays in this nearby region, has not been a problem for Plasencia hotel accommodation either.

On the other hand, the Ages of Man continue to be an attraction that affects, at least for the moment, long-term stays. «The tourist of the Ages of Man spends a day in the city and stays at most one night. The exhibition is seen in two hours, so what we have to do is get him to stay longer by showing him the attractions of the city”, explained the president of this association.

indoor activities

Magdaleno also clarified that they expect this type of tourism to be more noticeable in the coming months than in summer, when the weather is more favorable for indoor activities.

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