Tuesday, October 3

Plasencia sends bulletproof vests, shackles, gun holsters, boots and police jackets to Ukraine

Part of the material provided by the Local Police that is already on its way to Ukraine. / TODAY

The city joins the minute of silence called throughout the country

Ana B. Hernandez

In addition to the clothing, footwear, hygiene products, food and medicine collected by Civil Protection to help Ukrainians, the Local Police has collaborated with other material that is already on its way to the border with Poland.

Technical boots, bulletproof vests, belts, shackles, holsters for weapons and pants and jackets for the Ukrainian cold make up the material provided by the Local Police. “We have considered that it is a material that can come in handy for the Ukrainians in these difficult and hard times that they are experiencing and, for this reason, we have decided to donate it,” explains Enrique Cenalmor, mayor of the Local Police.

“With the collaboration of the Placentino Business Circle, five people from Cáceres, including a Ukrainian, are now transporting our material, along with much else they have collected, to the border in two vans and a car,” adds Cenalmor. “The idea is that the trip takes two days, that they deliver the material, and that the vehicles return with refugees to Extremadura.”

A moment of the minute of silence in the Plaza Mayor against the war in Ukraine. /


This is yet another expedition included in the wave of solidarity that is spreading through Extremadura, as in the rest of the country, in favor of the Ukrainian people and in rejection of the war declared by Russia. A rejection that has been confirmed again this morning in Plasencia, because the city has joined the minute of silence called by the Femp throughout the country to express once again the rejection of the Russian invasion.

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Among the participants in the minute of silence was the educational community of the Escuela Hogar Placentina, the school that this morning is carrying out a physical activity in the Plaza Mayor as the final act of the activities organized on the occasion of Women’s Day. “Activities dedicated to the visibility of women in the world because, despite being in the 21st century, they are still necessary,” said the management of the educational center.

Solidarity skating in Malpartida

On the other hand, in order to continue adding funds so that the aid to the Ukrainians is maintained over time, different groups are organizing activities. This is the case of the Monfragüe Skating Sports Club and the meeting that it has prepared for this Saturday, March 12, in Malpartida de Plasencia.

All skating fans have an appointment from 5:00 p.m. in the town’s municipal park to enjoy the sport and help those affected by the war in Ukraine. Donations will be collected from the participants and the attending public, which will be donated entirely to the NGO Infancia de Nad.

This entity helps children from conflict zones and is now active in Ukraine. Workshops for beginners to skating, freestyle, speed and artistic have also been organized.


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