Thursday, June 17

“Play Fair, Free Opponents”



Once, twice and even three times in a week, the Spanish government has criticized what is happening in Nicaragua, whose president has begun a “hunt” of opponents, according to the Nicaraguan press itself. In just three weeks the rSandinista regime of Daniel Ortega has arrested four candidates for the Presidency in the elections to be held on November 7: Cristiana Chamorro, Arturo Cruz, Félix Maradiaga and Juan Sebastián Chamorro.

The last Spanish statement was this Friday, and it came from the mouth of the President Pedro Sánchez: «We see with great concern what is happening in Nicaragua. By the way it is not new, we have been dragging it for a few years. Spain’s position is the same as that of the European Union: a firm defense of rights, freedoms and democratic values. Therefore, I would like to address myself personally and directly to President Daniel Ortega: may he play fair, release the opponents and participate in fair play and fair play in this electoral process, “said Sánchez during a joint press conference with the President Carlos Alvarado, on his second day of visit to Costa Rica (a country where a large part of the Nicaraguan exiles, more than one hundred thousand, who have had to flee the Ortega regime in the last three years) have taken refuge, on his tour of several countries of Latin America.

The public position of Sánchez criticizing a government that moves in the same Bolivarian axis as Venezuela and Cuba, governments whose violation of rights has been denounced by numerous international organizations, such as the UN, the EU or the OAS, is still striking. and before whom the Socialist Executive has put itself in profile. The most recent case occurred this week when the European Parliament approved, by a majority, a resolution denouncing the repression in Cuba, the arbitrary arrests, the increase in political prisoners and the violation of the rights of workers in international missions. , in other aspects. This resolution was supported by MEPs from all groups, except for Podemos and the Spanish socialists, who distanced themselves from their European colleagues.

Sánchez’s statement this Friday comes after the departure of the Executive of Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos, a sympathetic formation of the Governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Joint declaration

Sánchez’s gesture in Costa Rica joins two separate statements issued, one by the Spanish Foreign Ministry last week, after the arrest of Cristiana Chamorro; and another published this same Friday, signed by the foreign ministers of Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Spain, which calls for the release of the detained political leaders “and the restitution of their political rights.”

The ministers remind Nicaragua of its obligation to respect all its international obligations, particularly in the area of ​​human rights. “It is essential to avoid actions that impose restrictions on the free participation of all political actors in society in election processes, and political pluralism and freedom of expression must be ensured,” they point out in the statement.

“The people of Nicaragua – the text concludes – deserve the guarantee of fair, free, independent, transparent, credible, inclusive elections, and with international observation.”

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