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Play your life playing records in Marbella | Spain

One of those arrested for the death of a man at an illegal party in Marbella.
One of those arrested for the death of a man at an illegal party in Marbella.National Police

The night is young in Marbella. Neither the restrictions, nor the sanctions, nor the police surveillance have prevented the municipality’s luxury complexes from hosting parties with dozens of attendees on a frequent basis. Their organizations often hire DJs to handle the music. It is precisely why DJ JM Ares was at dawn from Sunday to Monday in a house in the Guadalmina urbanization, to the west of the Marbella urban area. While doing what he liked the most, he received a stray bullet that ended his life. It was fired into the next room, ricocheted off the ceiling, through the plasterboard wall, and landed on his neck. Participants in the party fled. When the police arrived, the 40-year-old man from Ferrol (A Coruña) had already died. The chalet was empty.

Two German citizens aged 30 and 28, who are related to the biker gang Angels of Hell, were arrested for his death and have already entered prison. They are joined by the arrest, this Thursday, of the organizer of the event. It is one more on the Costa del Sol, where people such as waiters or DJs work who cannot find a job due to the crisis that the leisure sector is experiencing due to the coronavirus. “Many people at night cannot work for a year. Each one looks for what they can to do what they like ”, they say from the victim’s surroundings, explaining that he had begun to participate in this type of celebration last November. It is just when he arrived in Malaga, following in the footsteps of his girlfriend, who had found work at the Malaga airport.

They resided in Torremolinos. And while he continued with the impossible job search, someone called him to work at an illegal party in Marbella. They are private events that last all night and in which those who deal with the music charge between 150 and 600 euros, depending on whether there are other DJs hired and the working time, which is between two and six hours. That assignment made the next one easy for him, and then it became something he did almost every week. “For him it was provisional until summer came and he could play again in beach bars and terraces,” insist his acquaintances, who believe that “if he had realized the danger of the situation, he would not have attended any more.” The participants in these parties are people with high purchasing power. Especially foreign, but also national. Among them there are also criminals settled on the Costa del Sol, habitual neighbors of the anonymous luxury urbanizations of the Malaga coast. For many, guns are common travel companions.

The death of disc jockey It is the first in an illegal party on the Costa del Sol, but there was already a recent precedent with shooting. Last December, a Moroccan man entered the Quironsalud hospital in Marbella with two shots in the lower back. He received them during a party in the Los Flamingos urbanization, in the municipality of Benahavís, halfway between Estepona and San Pedro Alcántara. Nor is it the only recent firearms incident: in early January, a man was shot to death in Benahavís inside his car, a Bentley. In this case it is investigated as a reckoning.

“For what could happen, very little happens”, explains a police officer with great experience on the Costa del Sol. The researcher emphasizes that everyday life is safe, just the general feeling among the local population, “but when there are so many people with so much power in such a small place, everything is corrupted ”. Victims of violence between drug traffickers, fugitives and all kinds of criminals often remain in the criminal sphere. It rarely crosses into the civilian population, but already in 2020 there were several people injured in police pursuits of drug traffickers. The death of disc jockey is another dire chapter. Weapons are more common than meets the eye. “There are hand grenades, submachine guns, silenced pistols. It looks like Mexico or Miami, but it is Spain: either Marbella, Sotogrande or Benalmádena ”, says a police officer.

The National Police continues to investigate the origin of the three shots fired at the party last Sunday. Different hypotheses are considered, including that the detonations were carried out as part of the celebration or as a result of a discussion. The two arrested for this reason are of German nationality and have already entered provisional prison, communicated and without bail, by order of the Examining Court number 10 of Malaga. According to sources from the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia, one of the detainees – who has availed himself of his constitutional right not to testify – is being investigated for alleged crimes of homicide and illegal possession of weapons. To the second, the judge attributes the alleged crimes of omission of the duty of relief and concealment. Both were arrested at 11 am last Tuesday in a luxury hotel in the capital when they planned their flight from the country. And they were joined, this Thursday, by the arrest of a woman of Spanish nationality who is considered to be the party’s organizer. He is charged with the crimes of omission of the duty of relief and concealment and has been brought to justice in Marbella. The investigation continues open.


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