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Playboy docuseries: Miki Garcia alleges rapes took place in ‘cult-like’ atmosphere

In new A+E Networks docuseries Secrets Of Playboy, some former Playboy employees have made allegations of sexual abuse while they were working for the company.

Former head of promotions Miki Garcia is one woman to step forward with disturbing claims in the documentary, alleging she had been sexually abused by a sponsor.

We look further at Garcia’s claims.

Credit: A&E YouTube.

Former Playboy employees step forward in new docuseries

First airing on January 24th, 2022, ten-part A&E docuseries Secrets Of Playboy talks to women who worked behind the scenes at Playboy in the adult industry. It includes some chilling allegations.

During the latest episode (airing February 21st), former head of promotions Miki Garcia and ‘Bunny Mother’ PJ Masten came forward with explosive claims about their time at Playboy.

Garcia claimed the atmosphere at Playboy was “cult-like”, going on to allege sexual abuse as she talked about her career progression.

Miki Garcia allegations

Former director of promotions and Playmate Miki Garcia featured in a recent episode of Secrets Of Playboy, opening up about her experiences.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Garcia worked in Playboy from 1973 until 1982 and claims she was a victim of sexual abuse in the early days of her career.

Miki alleges that, while attending an auto show as part of work, she was raped twice by a sponsor.

In the docuseries, the now 75-year-old said: “I didn’t want them [Playboy] to perceive me as a whiner or a person that couldn’t handle the job. And so the tough part of me kicked in. I knew this is the way it was going to go and that was it.”

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Despite her alleged ordeal, Garcia worked her way up the career ladder, promising herself her abuser would never work with Playboy again.

“I was going to get into a position of power so no woman had to put up with that kind of behaviour from any man just because she had a rabbit head logo on her,” the former employee told the camera.

Garcia went on to say: “When my rapist ordered up a Playmate for a job, I simply instructed my secretary to tell him to never call again.”

HITC has reached out to Playboy for comment.

Miki Garcia claims Playboy felt ‘cult-like’

Miki Garcia also told Secrets Of Playboy she felt the atmosphere at the company was ”cult-like”.

She claimed: “The women had been groomed and led to believe they were part of this family.”

Watch Secrets of Playboy on A&E on Mondays at 9pm ET.

“Secrets of Playboy” | Season Preview Trailer



“Secrets of Playboy” | Season Preview Trailer





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