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players and coaches who have suffered the covid

  • At least a quarter of the players and coaches of the Spanish championship have passed the covid since the start of the pandemic

  • Atlético, with Simeone and 16 players, also commands this classification, while Barça has only had five infected.

One year after the beginning of the nightmare, the coronavirus has become a regular travel companion in the league. To the classic gastroenteritis, sprains, contractures and other muscle injuries, the COVID-19 as a common element of medical parts. An account carried out by EL PERIÓDICO concludes that 26% of players and 30% of coaches championships have passed the disease, a high figure when compared with the data of the general population. According to the report of the Ministry of Health published in December, the global prevalence (percentage of people in the population with antibodies) is at a 9.9% in Spain.

The numerical summary is forceful: 119 players and 6 coaches of the League have suffered from the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. These figures include only the officially announced cases by the clubs or by the footballers on their social networks. Therefore, the amount will surely be higher, taking into account that several cases will have silenced. Nor are included some positives that may have occurred during the period that the last League was detained, those three months that passed between Eibar-Real Sociedad on March 10 and Sevilla-Betis on Thursday, June 11 which meant the return of football.

Awareness work

“I think the clubs are doing quite well. A excellent work on player awareness, not only in training and sports activity, with protocols and measures such as the use of a mask, hydrogels … but also in their habits of life outside of football. At first we saw the covid as something very distant, like something on TV or films. Now we all see it as something we have here, “he says. Sergio Dominguez, former physical instructor of Sevilla, in a talk with EL PERIÓDICO.

“A great job has been done to raise awareness of the player. At first we saw the covid as something very distant, like something from the movies. Now we all see it as something we have here”

Sergio Domínguez, physical trainer

Experience in the pandemic and quarantines is not lacking. He also worked in China and saw the beginning of the drama in Wuhan. “We never had no positive. The care was maximum “, recalls the specialist, who highlights the efficient structure of his current club, the Ibiza by Amadeo Salvo, commanded by group 3B of Segunda B.

Garay, the first

Taking into account that the squads have an average of 23 players, those 119 cases represent a quarter of the footballers. The list was inaugurated Ezequiel Garay on March 15, one day after the state of alarm was decreed. The Argentine central, now without a team, announced on his networks that he had contracted the virus. Minutes later, the Valencia reported a total of five cases that were uncovered little by little. Gayá, Mangala, the delegate Paco Camarasa and the doctor Juan Aliaga completed the report.

The Levantine club was the most affected at the beginning of the pandemic, which also had a special impact on a Spanish who prolonged his jinx in the classification with a dozen cases confirmed by Abelard in April (eight players and two members of the coaching staff). “The first rival football is the coronavirus. This is one world crisis of peopleIt is not a global crisis of positions or professions. We lived through 25 difficult days in which all the players knew that there were teammates who were wrong, with very serious relatives“he reflected in May Rufete, the sports director perico.

Rojiblanco leadership

The Athletic He played the last game with the presence of a Spanish club before the break. It was in that fantastic duel in Anfield of March 11, in which the current leader of the League overthrew the Liverpool. A year later, the rojiblanco team also commands the list of those affected by covid. I gave it opened the list, followed by Correa and Vrsaljko, who missed the Champions from Lisbon. In the new season, multiple players were added, including Luis Suarez the Joao Felix, one of the last to fall, next to Lemar and Herrera. The Cholo Simeone it is also listed with 17 cases.

Behind the mattress box, the Betis (11 cases) and the Valencia (10). The next in the ranking is the grenade, which adds nine infected players and the coach Diego Martinez. The Nasrid team starred in the most controversial game of the pandemic on November 8. Had to travel to Anoeta (2-0) with only seven players from the first team, those who were already immune, and a single gatekeeper, in addition to the youth. The League did not want to postpone the duel. “I would have liked to compete on equal terms. We will have 37 games to achieve our goal instead of 38 as the rest, “said the coach of the Granada.

“In football we are privileged because of the controls we have, but it is a hard and painful subject. The players call you constantly. You have to do a lot of pedagogy”

Fernando Sarasa, head of Huesca’s medical services

Five at Barça

At Barça, five players went through the covid quarantine: Matheus, Todibo (now in Nice), Umtiti, Sergi Roberto and Pjanic, who already arrived ill in Barcelona in August. Two members of the coaching staff also suffered from the disease in January. In Madrid, in addition to Zidane, they had six infected players, with Danger as the most prominent case.

The list of clubs with less positives is closed by Villarreal, Eibar, Osasuna and Elche, which has not had any soccer player with covid, at least officially. Yes there was an outbreak in the offices of the entity and the technician Almiron the illness passed in late 2020.

Psychological help

The protocol current league has rapid antigen tests three or four days per week. When a positive appears, a PCR is performed to confirm the situation. “Is a social enemy which is doing us a lot of damage. In football we are privileged because of the controls we have. It is a hard and painful subject, but you have to live with it. Players constantly call you. Have to do a lot of pedagogy and help them psychologically, “he explained on Aragón TV Fernando Sarasa, head of the medical services of the Huesca.

It may interest you

The average time of absence of footballers is 14 days, although some players took almost a month to test negative, such as Manu Garcia (Alaves), Todibo and Sergi Roberto (Barça), Loren (Betis), Eteki (Granada) and Sergio Alvarez (Celtic). There have also been no shortage of after effects in some positive ones such as Yuri, who suffered vertigo and dizziness for several weeks after passing the covid, and Diego Costa, who had a venous thrombosis caused by the disease.

“The aftermath they manifest themselves in a certain way in each player. The activity carried out during isolation must be considered. The he came back It is always progressive, taking into account the levels of speed and physical demand that today’s football entails, “concludes Domínguez.

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