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POCO X4 Pro 5G vs POCO M4 Pro, which one is better and how are they different?

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The new POCO mobiles have been presented at the same time and with the surname PRO, but which model is the most worthwhile?

Xiaomi has presented the new POCO X4 Pro and M4 Pro during the Mobile World Congress 2022, two phones that are destined to be POCO’s new best sellers after the enormous success of its POCO X3 Pro.

Now we have two mobiles that are different, but that without a doubt will put you in a bind if you want to choose one to buy. And it is that part of the problem is that their prices are very similar, even at its launch with special offers.

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We are going to gut the POCO X4 Pro and POCO M4 Pro so you can compare their main features and you can make an informed choice and that your money is well spent.

  1. Prices
  2. cameras
  3. Screen
  4. Performance
  5. Battery
  6. Conclution

Extremely similar prices

With Helio G96 and an excellent screen, POCO’s new mobile becomes one of the best cheap phones for 2022.

At the price level, POCO M4 Pro and POCO X4 Pro have a minimal difference. Both come in two capacities, 128 GB and 256 GB, and in advance purchases you can find reduced prices.

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The official price of the POCO M4 Pro is 219 euros for 128 GB and 269 euros for 256 GB. At Amazon you can find it for 199.99 euros and 249.99 euros respectively and with an extra 20 euros discount when making the purchase.

You can also buy it in the POCO online store in Spain.

On March 7, the POCO X4 Pro can be reserved, also in 128 GB and 256 GB, for 269 euros and 319 euros respectively, which you can reserve on the Xiaomi website.

Cameras: is 108 megapixels or 64 megapixels better?

At a technical level POCO X4 Pro has a better 108-megapixel camera compared to 64-megapixel POCO M4 Pro. It is the only difference that you will find in cameras between these two mobiles.

In both models, they are accompanied by an 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle, a 2-megapixel macro camera and surprisingly 1080p recording, not 4K. The front cameras are identical, 16 megapixels for selfies and video calls.

But as always, the important details are in the software and how the images are processed. From the first tests that we have been able to see, POCO X4 Pro has better image quality and color management, but POCO M4 Pro has better quality in video recording.

AMOLED everywhere and with similar sizes, but in speed

On paper POCO X4 Pro has a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen and POCO M4 Pro has a 6.43-inch AMOLED screen. Minimal difference, but on an aesthetic level it is noticeable that M4 has a more pronounced chin.

The good thing is that both mobiles have an AMOLED panel, but there is a big difference. POCO X4 Pro has a screen that supports HDR10 and is also 120 Hzwhile POCO M4 Pro is 90 Hz.

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At this point 90 Hz is fine, but 120 Hz is such a significant change that it is much more worthwhile.

Snapdragon vs Helio: You’ll be surprised who wins

Among the notable differences between the POCO X4 Pro and M4 Pro is the processor, one of the important features when it comes to lowering the price of a mobile.

The former features a 6nm Snapdragon 696 5G, while the latter a 12nm MediaTek Helio G96. The reality is that despite the differences in processors, on a day-to-day basis the performance is practically identicaleven in gaming.

It is true that the Snapdragon 695 is faster, but the performance improvements are minimal, so the processor or the performance should not be an impediment in your choice.

Battery autonomy… for the whole day?

Another feature that does not change between these two phones is the battery. In both devices there is a 5,000 mAh batterybut the changes are in the type of load they support.

POCO X4 Pro has 67W fast charging that allows you to have 70% of the battery charged in 22 minutes and 100% in about 40 minutes. While, POCO M4 Pro has 33W charging that allows you to have 100% of the battery charged in 58 minutes.

Both models have fast charging and it is true that having more charge in less time is always an advantage, especially when you are about to run out of energy.

Conclusion: POCO M4 Pro is more tempting

The big differences between POCO X4 Pro and POCO M4 Pro are in the processor, cameras and screen. As we have seen, the performance is very similar, despite the fact that the only mobile with 5G is the POCO X4 Pro.

On screens, the differences are more notable with the support of HDR and 120 Hz in POCO X4 Pro, but in cameras, because they have more megapixels, you will not have better images or videos.

Therefore, taking into account its characteristics and prices, right now POCO M4 Pro is a much more interesting mobile than POCO X4 Pro.

And you with which of the two POCO would you stay?

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