Wednesday, February 24

Podemos and Más Madrid stop an institutional declaration against the Sol riots in the Assembly




The political battle for the riots that occurred last night in Madrid after the demonstration against the imprisonment of the musician Pablo Hasél Campa today for the Madrid Assembly. The Citizens group last night sent to all the other parties the text of an institutional declaration condemning the riots, which will not be finally read because there has been no unanimous agreement between the groups, as these initiatives demand: United We Can and More Madrid they have not supported its reading.

The riots, which have been expressly rejected by PSOE, PP, Cs and Vox, have focused the debates among politicians in the plenary session of the regional parliament. The first words of Isabel Diaz Ayuso they have been condemning the events; The head of the Madrid Executive has even brought to the Assembly one of the pieces of paving stone that the violent threw last night at the police officers.

Díaz Ayuso has thus addressed the spokesperson for United We Can, Isa Serra |: «I ask you if you support someone who says they would like the peperos they will shoot us in the neck». She has been very critical of what happened yesterday: «Now what we needed is to celebrate children’s parties for an artist who has no more art than anyone with a cubata in a karaoke. How you would have liked to go down to the street and be one of those who attacked the police, “he snapped at Serra.

The spokeswoman for United We Can replied that “we are always in favor of peaceful mobilizations. I ask him what he thinks about Barcelona an eye has been taken from a person with a bullet ». In his opinion, “anti-fascist mobilizations and in favor of freedom of expression are what have made this country move forward.”

No agreement text

In the institutional declaration, it is recalled that the Spanish Constitution establishes the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, although these rights “are not absolute in the sense of constitutional doctrine.” It regrets the “serious disturbances caused by individuals who attended” the demonstration, which “they overflowed the right of assembly and the legitimate expression of opinion and disagreement to become an attack against order, coexistence and citizen security.

As a result of this attitude, more than a dozen police officers were injured because “the participants in the incidents they attacked the officers with cobblestones torn from the ground, sticks, bottles, stones and other belongings“And also” they smashed street furniture and shop windows, set fire to garbage cans and wastebaskets and causing damages worth thousands of euros that have yet to be fully quantified. “

For this reason, the Assembly expresses its “absolute and firm condemnation” of the events, its desire for the recovery of the injured agents and its “absolute confidence in the rule of law and in the democratic quality of our country, represented in our institutions and laws ».

From Ciudadanos they criticized that United We Can and More Madrid have “refused to support” this text, which has not finally been read in the plenary session of the Assembly. “It is an absolute shame what happened last night at Puerta del Sol”, assures the spokesperson for this group. Cesar Zafra.

The spokesperson for Más Madrid, Pablo Gómez Perpinyà, pointed out that “we don’t like what happened yesterday, the images sadden us”, but asked “that the tree does not prevent us from seeing the forest: a person for making music was sleeping in prison last night ».

He defended his position by rejecting the institutional statement, claiming thatI had met her minutes before. He recalled that there is an agreement not to accept statements that are registered after midnight, and are pending for the plenary session the following week. “We want to make contributions to it,” he added.

Both the PP and Vox spokesmen criticized the riots. And they recalled that there was at least one deputy from United We Can who attended the march. The popular Alfonso Serrano He has come to toast, glass of water in hand, for Hasél’s imprisonment, after reading his background.

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