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Podemos headquarters in Cartagena attacked with explosive material | Spain

Podemos has reported this morning to the National Police the attack suffered against its headquarters in Cartagena (Murcia) with explosive material during the past morning. This is the sixth assault on the training facilities, the third in the last year, according to the party. In May and September 2020, several windows were smashed with stones and threatening graffiti appeared on the premises with neo-Nazi symbols.

Pablo Iglesias, leader of the formation and candidate for the elections of the Community of Madrid on May 4, has condemned on Twitter the attack “of the extreme right.” “The street terrorism of the ultras is not going to intimidate us. Against the violent and their whitewashers: democracy, freedom of expression and social justice ”, he adds in a message that accompanies the video of the assault.

The recording was first broadcast on social networks by the regional coordinator Javier Sánchez Serna. In a subsequent press release, the also deputy for Murcia has denounced that an attempt has been made “to set fire to the headquarters with Molotov cocktails, something that could have caused a real human misfortune and not only material damage.” Sánchez Serna assured that since their training they have “no doubt who is behind”, pointing to “the Vox puppies”. For the Podemos deputy, “it is obvious that it is the extreme right who incites these attacks with their hatred and the one who lights the fuse of violence.” The party points out in its statement that the attack occurs “the same weekend that the ultra deputies enter the regional government.” While “the thugs of the extreme right sow violence, López Miras rewards his friends with salaries and ministries”, which is “a shame and the greatest attack in decades on our democracy,” the text of the training collects.

Podemos Cartagena has already filed the complaint with the National Police this Friday morning and has provided the images of the security cameras at the time of the attack. The video shows how a flammable device hits the front of the headquarters, causing a fire. In addition, the windows of the office have dawned this Friday with graffiti, some of which were already seen in the images of the attack: “Sons of bitches”, “Corrupt scum” and “No to State terrorism”, it reads in them , according to the photographs released by the local press.

The formation indicates that it will present in the Regional Assembly and in those town halls where it is present “institutional statements and motions condemning violence” from the “extreme right”.

In its statement, the party in Murcia warns that “they will not stand idly by or be intimidated, but these attacks only reaffirm the need to continue working.” Sánchez Serna adds that from “that headquarters has been helping hundreds of people with the procedures of the Minimum Vital Income”.


For the spokesman for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, the attack “is the natural consequence of normalizing hate speech in parliament and in some media. In the US, far-right terrorism is very common and had the same evolution, “he said in a message on Twitter.

Members of different parties have condemned the assault and expressed their solidarity. “My emphatic condemnation of this attack against Podemos headquarters in Cartagena. I call on the parties to condemn all forms of violence, wherever it comes from and whoever suffers it suffers. It is not worth rejecting only the attacks that each one suffers. They must all be condemned ”, stated the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas. “Violence and hatred have no place in a democracy. All my support and solidarity, Podemos ”, said the PSOE spokesperson in Congress, Adriana Lastra. “All solidarity. Not a millimeter, not a break from the Nazis. ”, The leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, has expressed in the same line on social networks.

The mayor of Madrid and national spokesman for the Popular Party, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, according to statements collected by news agencies, has condemned the attack, but has asked Podemos to “take note” because “on occasions, [Podemos] it has justified that violence ”when the headquarters of the PP have suffered similar attacks. “The PP knows that their ‘buts’ give air to the violent. Hopefully the leaders of the political right and the leaders of the media right rectify and condemn, once and without nuances, the action of street terrorism against our headquarters ”, Pablo Iglesias responded on Twitter.


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