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Podemos opens the debate on labor rights around menstruation

The leader of Podemos Ángela Rodríguez 'Pam'.

The leader of Podemos Ángela Rodríguez ‘Pam’.

The future Secretary of State for Equality and leader of Podemos, Angela Rodríguez ‘Pam’, has called to reflect on why “difficult” periods that cause nausea and vomiting do not generate “labor rights” and other medical situations, such as gastroenteritis, result in casualties.

This is how he transferred it this Saturday during his speech at the table “Sexual and reproductive rights“, within the ‘Autumn University’ that takes place in the Madrid town of Rivas.

On this matter, Rodríguez ‘Pam’ has indicated that “Nobody talks about the consequences of the rule” and he has detailed that in other countries a debate has already been opened on the importance of whether you have a “difficult menstruation”, clarifying that he is not talking about cases of endometriosis or polycystic ovaries but of a “simple premenstrual syndrome” that generates “nausea, vomiting, headaches or inability to lead a daily life. ”

“Why any other type of medical condition, for example that you have a gastroenteritis, can give rise to labor rights and this, which we go through every month, has not generated labor rights?” sexual and reproductive rights that “are still absent.”

He has also wondered why there are no male contraceptive pills and has recalled that a study by the World Health Organization (WHO) refers to the fact that it is not developed not because it is expensive or impossible to carry out, but because men “would suffer far milder side effects than we do from taking the pill.” In his opinion, this shows that women have been held responsible for contraception in sexual relations.

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Abortion in public health

Regarding the reform of the abortion law, Rodríguez ‘Pam’ has criticized that the former minister Bibiana Aido she was “beaten” and one of the members of the Executive “most ridiculed” when she fought for women’s rights.

A regulation that guarantees the Voluntary termination of pregnancy by a system of terms but that requires improvements, such as guaranteeing that abortion is a benefit in the public health system, given that the current regulations concentrate this intervention in private clinics.

After praising the work of these private centers, the future Secretary of State for Equality recalled that 9 out of 10 pregnancy terminations are performed at these clinics, which is “clearly” a problem. And it is that he has put, for example, imagining that a man who has a prostate problem does not go to the public hospital.

Then, he pointed out that the modifications in the abortion law should harmonize the right to interruption with the conscientious objection that they may have professionals, as is the case with the registry that contemplates the regulations on euthanasia.

Obstetric violence

In turn, Rodríguez ‘Pam’ has praised the “courage“of the Ministry of Equality when provoking debates in which a” lot of ladies and gentlemen “said first that it was not possible” and in the end it was possible “.

For this reason, it has proclaimed that with the reform of the abortion law it will not be less and has also alluded to the obstetric violence it will be one of the issues that will be discussed within the coalition government.

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And it is that he has predicted that there will be a “very tough battle” with the socialist part of the coalition so that this violence is considered sexist, he has proclaimed.

The MEP of Podemos Maria Eugenia Rodriguez Palop has attacked the extreme right for its opposition to the abortion law, given that “they sacralize the conventional family where the father is the owner and the mother is the property, where basically it is a reproductive machine at the service of children, race and the nation”.


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