Thursday, September 23

Podemos sets fire to the coalition government with new criticism of the PSOE ministers




The second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, you are taking advantage of the extreme need you have Pedro Sanchez to approve the Budgets for mark own profile with more intensity than in recent months. The Minister of Defense, Margaret Robles, has criticized this morning the attitude of the minority partner, recalling that the president is Sánchez. But United We Can (UP) has returned the accusation of “disloyalty” more than against the socialist leader.

In recent days, the purple wing of the coalition government has roused the ministers of the PSOE by defending the referendum in Western Sahara in the middle of the migration crisis, also by presenting an amendment on evictions to the Budgets of Sánchez and Iglesias and by the treatment dispensed to Bildu as a partner of the Executive.

The Socialist ministers have not remained silent, and both publicly and privately have shown their displeasure at the latest movements of Iglesias, which works in a parliamentary bloc with ERC and Bildu to guarantee the influence of UP inside and outside the Government.

In Podemos they also admit discomfort with the movements that the socialists carry out behind their backs and they defend having much more waist when facing them. In this sense, the spokesperson for the Podemos Executive, Isa Serra |, has reproached that the PSOE in the Executive speak of “disloyalty” when he concealed the “flight” of Don Juan Carlos and the merger of Bankia with Caixabank.

If a couple of days ago it was Nadia Calviño who accused Iglesias of “seeking visibility” for the amendment of the evictions with ERC and Bildu, today it was Margarita Robles who has been in charge of reminding her that relations with Morocco are the exclusive competence of the president and Foreign and that Podemos cannot act as a government and opposition.

But precisely that is the fundamental strategy of Podemos, which has managed to stabilize 53 deputies, the so-called “plurinational bloc” with the pro-independence groups, to pressure Sánchez from Congress, to drive away Citizens and guarantee “left politics.”

Reproaches of Robles and Belarra

It is the second time in just 48 hours that Robles has appeared on television to censor Vice President Iglesias and in UP they have chosen to seek direct confrontation. The purple leader and Secretary of State of Agenda 2030, Ione GrassIglesias, right-hand man in the Vice Presidency, has branded the defense minister as “favorite minister of the powers that want the PP to govern with Vox.” He has also accused her of “doing harm” to the coalition executive.

“When you are the favorite minister of the powers that want the PP to rule with Vox, you may be doing harm to your government,” said the leader of Podemos on Twitter. And he added: “To be humble is not to be flattered by the media right.”

It is the second message from Belarra because last night she also attacked Robles, pointing out that submitting an amendment to stop evictions is “governing for all” Contrary to what the minister had said about Podemos.

Podemos has also censored the Government’s pact with the PNV to eliminate the diesel tax provided for in the Budgets. A measure that, in his opinion, in addition to being anti-ecological, is not going to help the industry in Spain, and places the country “at the bottom of Europe.”

The spokesperson for the Ecological Transition of United We Can in Congress, Juantxo López de Uralde, regrets that without the “subsidy” to diesel, Spain will continue “to the tail of Europe in green taxation.” “Everything is very ecological,” he reproaches on Twitter.

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