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‘Pokemon Go’ Community Day February 2022: Finding Shiny Hoppip

“Pokémon Go” Hoppip Community Day is here!

Players will now have the ability to catch the featured Pokémon, Hoppip, in the wild since the “Pokémon Go” Community Day event has arrived. The event will take place from 11 am to 5 pm on February 12 in your local time zone.

Each event will have more Pokémon spawn for a short period of time, and each event will give the Pokémon a special move for their final evolution during that time. There will also be a lot of other benefits for players to take advantage of during the event itself.

“Pokémon Go” Community Day is an event that happens every month and encourages players to play together all over the world. Each month, a different Pokémon is chosen to be the focus of the event.

If players are successful in catching a Shin Hoppip during the event period, they will have the first chance to catch a shiny Hoppip and teach Jumpluff the charged move acrobatics.

How to Find Hoppip in Community Day

Hoppip will be around the map and fight in raids for six hours. Trainers can also be lucky and find a Shiny Hoppip if they are good at doing.

When Hoppip’s normal pink skin turns Shiny, it can turn green as well, just like Skiploom. In addition, it will sparkle when it shows up on the screen.

According to Screenrant, the best way to find and capture a Shiny Hoppip is to play during Hoppip Community Day. For Hoppip, the chances of getting a shiny are much better than they were before. It will be easier to find and have a better chance of spawning for the six hours this event is running. They can do this to make their search a little easier.

  • First, the Rast Catch Method, when capturing Pokémon, allows the players to skip the capture animation. Doing this method might have the possibility of the Pokémon breaking out. However, this method will save tons of time between encounters. With this, players will have more time to find Shiny Hoppip.
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During Community Day events, the featured Pokémon are more likely to be a large amount of shiny Hoppip. If people are playing, they should be able to find a lot of shiny Hoppip.

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Utilizing ‘Pokemon Go’ Community Day

According to Polygon, this means that during the Community Day event, the chances of players getting Stardust will be tripled. Star Piece items are good to use if they plan to catch a lot of Hoppip. Incense and Lures will also last for three hours, so players should use them to get more Spheal spawns.

Spin photo disks at the gym, and you can get up to three free raid passes that way, too. During the day, players can only have one free raid pass at a time. Players will have to keep going to the raids all day to get all of them.

It doesn’t matter if a player doesn’t have time to play all day. They can still find a Shiny Hoppip by popping an Incense and tapping each Hoppip that comes up. The gamers should be able to find a Shiny Hoppip very quickly on Community Days because there are only about 1 in 25 Shinies on those days.

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