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Poland expels 45 Russian diplomats accused of espionage

Poland has announced that will expel to 45 Russian diplomats of the Polish country by espionage. This was expressed this Wednesday at a press conference by the spokesman for the Polish Government, Stanislaw Zarynwho has also indicated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has convened a meeting to the russian ambassador in Warsaw, Sergey Andreev.

The spokesman has detailed that the Internal Security Agency has prepared a list of 45 people “from Russian diplomatic circles” that will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to proceed with their expulsion of Poland, because they consider that “they work for the service of intelligence from Russia“.

In this way, Poland has joined the Baltic countriesafter Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania decided last Friday expel of its territory to a total of ten russian representatives for “activities contrary to his status” amid the war with Ukraine.

Likewise, the Polish authorities have also informed this Wednesday of the detention in Warsaw from a employee the Civil registration of that city, accused of spy for russia. The man, whose identity has not been released, “was providing news and information that could to damage to the Republic of Poland“, according to an official statement, and will remain in preventive prison for at least three months at the request of the prosecutor.

Intensify espionage

In an interview broadcast on Polish television on Wednesday, the government spokesman Michal Dworczyk has pointed out that “the activities of the spies of Russia are increasingly intense” on Polish territory and added that “sometimes we don’t realize how important information that is apparently trivial for intelligence is, for example, that which is recorded in local institutions”.

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“In the Registry Office there are many information on people who changed their names after acquiring Polish citizenship or residence cards. And the spies they can use this,” Dworczyk said.

In this context, the spokesman for the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskovhas warned that, “if the information (about the mass expulsion) is true”, it represents a further step in the deterioration of relations between the two countries. “Of course, you won’t be left without answer“He warned, according to Russian agencies.

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On March 1, the Russian ambassador in Poland referred to the “deterioration” of the relations between both countries and affirmed that “they have never been simple”, but that after the “hysteria“which according to him has been unleashed in Poland due to the invasion of Ukraine, have “become even worse”.

It is not the first arrest in Poland for alleged espionage for Russia in the midst of the ukrainian warbecause at the end of February the Polish authorities arrested the journalist Spanish Paul Gonzalezaccused of to spy for the Russian country. “The man was identified as an agent of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation (GRU),” Zaryn said. After more than three weeks in detention, his lawyer, Gonzalo Boyedenounces that he still has not been able to visit his client.

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