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Polaroid-type instant photo cameras: types, cost of consumables and best models

Although we have smartphones, compact cameras and Reflex type cameras, the truth is that those used to take instant photos have not stopped being for sale and it seems that now they are back in fashion.

It is true that using an instant camera has the point of offering us on paper and at the moment, the photo that we have just taken.

It is a fun, original and different way of taking pictures, something that only retro lovers seemed to like, but now it is becoming a trend again.

That is why today we are going to tell you everything you need to know to buy the camera that best suits what you are looking for within this type of device.

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How do they work

There are two main technologies when it comes to printing photos that are made instantly.

In the ZINK technology the paper is made up of 3 layers of color and another protective style. In the color layers is where the ink is, although it is not visible to the naked eye, with colors such as magenta, cyan and yellow. These layers full of crystals are sensitive to heat and when the whole printing process begins they are activated and thus are capable of launching photographs.

This type of technology is used by Canon, Polaroid and some other brands.

The other most widely used technology is chemical film. Basically, we are talking about a combination of liquid chemical developer, found on the white edge of the print, with a positive emulsion on cellulose and color dyes.

This type is used by Fuji and most Polaroids.

Types of cameras

Currently, we can choose between two types of instant cameras. The analog and the digital.

The difference is simple, but in the long run it can make a big difference when shooting photos, which is why we think it’s important.

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The analog It consists of a viewfinder in the central part through which one looks to know where it is pointing and thus take the photo you want. We can say that it is the system of all life.

As to the digital ones, what they do is incorporate an additional screen so that we can better see what we are going to photograph, larger, in color and in a clearer way.

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What should we look for when buying an instant camera?

There are several factors that we must look at if we want to buy the best instant camera for us, knowing exactly what we are buying and why.

There are some things that we can take into account, but they are considered more subjective to the tastes of each one than really to what is a fundamental issue for the proper functioning of the device and for it to be what we want.

The design or size It is something that we must take into account, but that each one will think differently depending on their personal tastes and their way of understanding this type of camera.

With the price something similar happens, it is each individual who must consider if the value of a certain camera adapts to their pretensions and budget, something that is still subjective in a certain way.

What if we are going to be able to be clear after this article (or at least that is the intention) is that we all know why the value of one or another model, since we will know a little better what its characteristics consist of.

Possibly the most determining factor when choosing a camera, leaving aside the type of impression that we have already seen before, is papersince it will be based on printing.

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We must know the cost per photo and if we have refills of said paper for when we run out of the one that comes in the camera box. What it is not recommended In the vast majority of cases, it is each photo exceeds the euro.

We must also be clear about paper size to know what the photos will be like and decide which one convinces us the most. For example, Polaroid has many 88 x 88 mm models, while FujiFilm bets on 62 x 46 mm in most.

In these times we must also be attentive to everything that is connectivity, since some cameras have built-in bluetooth technology to be able to connect with the smartphone and thus be able to shoot from a long distance or put filters, among other things.

Finally, which is not to say that it is the least important, is to know if it takes batteries or rechargeable battery And if so, what is its autonomy, that is, how many photos can we take without having to put it on the electrical network to charge.

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Consumables Price

Obviously, the value of the consumables will be another reason to choose one model or another.

The prices will depend on the brands and the measurements of the paper, so we are going to get an approximate idea of ​​what the cost is:

  • Canyon: paper pack of 20 sheets of 5 x 7.6 cm costs about 12 euros, which means that each photo costs about 60 cents.
  • FujiFilm: the pack of 20 photos has a recommended price of approximately 20 euros, so the copy costs one euro.
  • Kodak: Kodak Kinz paper with size 5.08 x 7.62 cm is priced at about 15 euros per pack of 20, which means that the copy costs about 75 cents.
  • Loin: the price per copy is usually around one euro.
  • Polaroid: They usually slightly exceed one euro per copy.
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Advantages of instant cameras

This type of camera, apart from giving a retro touch to the photographs, also has a series of advantages that you may not have thought of yet.

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They can be devices that give you different advantages than what you expect.

  • Photos at the moment: this is its main virtue. You take the photo and you have it.
  • Exclusiveness: only these types of cameras take this type of photos and that is something that gives a very nice feeling of exclusivity.
  • Originality: the resulting photographs allow us different circumstances. For example, we can hang them at the moment, put them on a cork with thumbtacks, put them on a rope with clothespins, frame them or stick them with adhesive tape, among many other things.
  • Easy to use: There are no frills on these cameras. That is, you aim, you press the fire button and that’s it.
  • Differentiating design: This type of device is different from the rest of the market.
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some interesting models

Since we already know the whole world of instant cameras in depth, it is the ideal time to get to know some interesting models that could be worthy of being our next device.

The selection we have made is as follows:

Surely one of these cameras is the one you liked to buy and start taking your instant photos.

Tell us about them on our social networks, we are looking forward to hearing from you and your experience.

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