Friday, May 27

Police allowed agitators to enter the Capitol

(CNN Español) — Fatima Díaz traveled with her family, of Mexican descent, from McAllen, Texas to Washington to attend an event by President Donald Trump on Wednesday, the day a group of Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol.

Díaz says he has traveled to different states to attend these events and show his support for the president. “He is a good president, he has done a lot for this country,” says Díaz.

But Díaz assures that she was not part of the group of agitators that stormed the Capitol. He maintains that those who entered were not Trump supporters.

Several members of far-right groups have been identified among those who entered the Capitol. The FBI so far has no evidence that far-left members infiltrated the rioters. He added that he has not found antifa members either.

CNN has identified well-known figures who promote conspiracy theories and support far-right movements such as QAnon y Proud Boys.

Díaz tells CNN that she did manage to get close to the doors of the Capitol and although the people who were in the place motivated her to enter, she decided not to.

“They told me to come in but I said no, we are good people and we are not like leftists,” Diaz told CNN.

“In the capital the police were letting us in, we were not knocking things down, not like the ‘Black Lives Matter movement’ that destroyed everything,” says Díaz. “The police did not stop us, the police were telling us to go in, that it was okay. I was on the scene, ”he added.

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The Black Lives Matter movement that began in the United States and has spread around the world defends the rights and lives of blacks and condemns police brutality in these communities. Demonstrations protesting against racial inequality have been mostly peaceful.

CNN has asked the United States Capitol Police for their reaction to these allegations, but has received no response. In a statement released Thursday, the Capitol Police said that “the actions of their officers were heroic considering the situation they faced. “I continue to have tremendous respect for the professionalism and dedication of the women and men of the United States Capitol Police,” Police Chief Steven Sund said in the statement. Capitol Police are investigating the incident, security planning, policies and procedures, the statement details.

Diaz says she won’t be part of the other wreckage and now hopes President-elect Joe Biden will do a good job.

“As an American we have to accept Biden, hopefully he will do a good job, support the United States as it should be and put the United States first and obviously we will be supporting, it is the only thing we can do right now,” Diaz concluded.

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