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Police detect drug trafficking to manufacture the “poor man’s drug”

The “karkubi” is a mixture of hashish with this drug intervened in Alicante and could also be being produced in the Alicante capital to meet the demand of drug addicts, who seek to “get high” at the lowest possible price. The «karkubi» potentiates the psychotropic effects and the consumption of the drug together with hashish, alcohol or glue causes effects hallucinogens and increases aggressiveness.

A police intervention for coercion allows to arrest a man with more than 2,600 pills


Apart from the fact that there is a greater demand for these drugs among drug addicts in Alicante, police relates this increased drug “hustle” with the increase in anxiolytics and antidepressants that have been prescribed since the onset of the pandemic. Depressions and anxiety disorders have increased since the start of the covid and access to these types of drugs is easier for traffickers, who see tranquilizers as a simpler source of income than with the sale of hashish, cocaine, heroin and other narcotics.

Two weeks ago, one of these alleged “camels” was arrested in an intervention by the National Police in the Northern Zone of Alicante. The action was carried out for a crime of coercion and ended with an arrest and the seizure of 1,960 300-milligram Lyrica pills and another 660 of Rivotril. Police sources state that the combined use of these drugs enhances the effect sought by drug addicts.

The detainee with more than 2,600 pills He is a 31-year-old Algerian citizen with a criminal record. According to a compatriot who denounced him, the detainee was interested in renting him an apartment and when he asked for his documentation, he replied that he did not have one. As the delivery of documentation to formalize the agreement was an express condition, the arrested man told him that “yes or yes” he was going to rent the house and then attacked the owner of the house.

The victim went to General Hospital of Alicante to be treated for the attack and when her son found out what happened, he looked for the aggressor and after locating him in a house between Juan XXIII and Colonia Requena, he called the Police. When a patrol arrived, the suspect tried to escape, but was arrested despite resisting. He carried a backpack in which he hid the Rivotril and Lyrica boxes and he was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of two crimes against public health, resistance to a law enforcement officer and coercion.

Pharmacists in the province try to maintain maximum control over the sale of these types of drugs, but they still reach the hands of traffickers.

A box of Rivotril It is sold with a private prescription for only 2.70 euros and if it is from Social Security it can even be obtained for free, depending on the patient for whom this drug is prescribed.

Although the «karkubi» has already been detected for years in Spain, it seems that it has become more fashionable as a result of the confinement. Lthe Antolex Clinic, located in Cádiz and specialized in treating people with addiction problems, it states on its website that it is “a very dangerous drug that acts directly on the central nervous system and has devastating side effects, both physically and as psychological, emotional and social ».

This is also known “Drug of the poor” as “Cartucho”, “Recarga”, “Ampolla roja” or “Guadalupe” and its origin is located in the most humble neighborhoods of Morocco. In addition to Rivotril, Gardenal is also used. In both cases, the drugs are mixed in the Moroccan country with a popular dough made of flour, hashish powder, alcohol, dyes and glue.

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