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Police identify the perpetrator of the Boulder massacre: a man named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21


Alissa’s ten victims range from 20 to 65, and everything seems to indicate that they were chosen at random.

The suspect in the attack in Boulder, Ahmad Alissa.
The suspect in the attack in Boulder, Ahmad Alissa.AFP
  • USA The cop killed in the Boulder supermarket shooting: a hero who wanted to get away from the body to protect his family

The murderer of ten people in a shopping center in the city of Boulder, in Colorado, was named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa and he is 21 years old. That is what the US authorities have just declared, who have not given more details about the perpetrator of the massacre, except that he is hospitalized, recovering from a non-life threatening injury. It is expected that he will be discharged in the next few hours, after which he will go to prison immediately. Alissa is a resident of the neighboring town of Arvada, a town that is part of the Denver metropolitan area, about 25 miles from Boulder.

Little else is known about the massacre, except that the weapon used was a rifle. Alissa’s ten victims range from 20 to 65 years old, and everything seems to indicate that, as is usual in this type of act, they were simply chosen randomly by the murderer. The only exception is 51-year-old police officer Eric Talley, who was the first person to go to the King Sooper supermarket when the shooting began. The whole crime lasted about an hour.

As is customary in these cases in the United States, the politicization of the massacre has not even waited for the burial of the victim. The left accuses the Republican Party and the influential gun lobby grouped, above all, around the National Rifle Association to maintain the lack of control in the possession of firearms that causes 38,000 deaths each year, including murders, suicides, and accidents, in the United States.

These figures, however, are approximate because pressure from defenders of gun ownership has prohibited the State from compiling national statistics on the problem for 26 years. Approximately 46% of the firearms in the hands of civilians worldwide are in the United States. That means about 394 million rifles, pistols, shotguns, and semi-automatic weapons, that is, 1.19 weapons per inhabitant, including from newborn children to retirees.

The debate is heightened because this is the second massacre in six days. The other took place in the state of Georgia, and caused the death of 8 people, 6 of them Asian women, who were linked to prostitution, and which, for some, could have a racist component, although there are no conclusive results. of the investigation.

In both Georgia and Colorado there are two of the congresswomen who most defend the arms trend: Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Susan Boebert, both firm believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory, which defends the establishment of a military regime led by Donald Trump in the United States to arrest the alleged pedophile mafia that controls the country and the world, and among which are Hillary Clinton , Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and Pope Francis. In the United States, the use of weapons is so widespread that even parliamentarians bring them to debates. Boebert, in particular, has posted on the social network Twitter a video in which he boasts that he goes with his gun Glock to sessions of Congress.

Now, the release of the murderer’s name opens another avenue for debate: the possibility that he was a radicalized Muslim. Unverified information posted by conservative activists on social media claims that Alissa had posted posts on Twitter criticizing the alleged “Islamophobia” of the media and Western society.

Either way, the killings are totally politicized. In the last years of Barack Obama’s presidency, the United States suffered two major Islamist massacres: one in the Californian city of San Bernardino, in California, in which 16 people died in 20165 and another in Orlando, Florida, with 50 deaths. in 2016. During the presidency of Donald Trump, however, the ideology of these attacks changed. In 2018, 1 people were murdered in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by a neo-Nazi who believes in the theory of genocide of whites, the same ideology embraced by the man who killed 23 people, mostly of Hispanic origin. , in a shopping center in Texas, in 2018. In 2015, with Obama in the White House, nine blacks were murdered in a church in South Carolina by a white racist who accused them of “taking our women” and “taking over the country “.

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