Thursday, September 23

Police investigate a group rape of a Latino gang in Zaragoza

Arrest of an alleged member of a Doninican Don't Play gang member in Zaragoza.

Arrest of an alleged member of a Doninican Don’t Play gang member in Zaragoza.

A chance find can suppose the imputation of a crime against sexual freedom and indemnity by a supposed gang rape six alleged members of the Latin band Dominican Don’t Play who were arrested in a police operation carried out last May in Zaragoza and which ended with 21 detainees, eight of them minors. All of them are initially attributed a list of crimes that ranges from committing robberies to drug trafficking, through violent actions and stabbings.

But now, with the unintended discovery of 16 video files Extracted from the seized material, the list of accusations can be lengthened for some of the gang members. These images were registered at dawn on June 24, 2020. Recordings may be the work of MSLV, 20, who is in prison for the alleged stabbing of another boy in the Parque Grande de Zaragoza in November of the same year. Several men appear in the videos and some of them, specifically two, maintain sexual intercourse With a woman, whose identity has not yet been established, but who is known to be white-skinned, has brown hair and has several tattoos on his body. The National Police works actively to identify the victim, since their testimony is key.

Drugs and alcohol

In the same scene there are four other males and a submissive attitude is observed in the woman that may reveal that she has consumed alcohol or narcotic substances or psychotropic. Likewise, it appears from the images that she receives a humiliating and humiliating treatment, between the songs and laughter of the men. In the different recordings it also looks like one of those present masturbates while another approaches the woman with her pants down, as well as another participant to whom the girl performs a fellatio.

As a result of the investigation carried out by the Regional Information Brigade of the Higher Police Headquarters of Aragon since September 2020, in February of this year the investigating judge authorized an entry and registration in a address in calle Maura, although entries were also made in other houses of the Actur and Torrero. In the course of the investigations on Maura Street, he was found an iPhone S5 type phone from which the 16 video files. And the judge in the case has determined that “the incidentally discovered facts should be investigated as they could constitute crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity”.

The magistrate, in an order of July 21, indicates that, since the discovery of crimes of a sexual nature was unpredictable when requesting judicial authorizations, it is necessary to open a new criminal procedure.

In the police spotlight

The lawyers of some of the accused, Carmen Sánchez Herrero, Lourdes Barón and Javier Elía, They declined yesterday to make statements about the criminal relevance of the discovery of the mobile with the recordings of allegedly criminal events. The band Dominican Don’t Play He has been in the spotlight of the security forces for several years. In the course of recent years, several investigations have been carried out that have led to the dismantling of different gangs with different denominations but all of them based on loyalty to the group, in initiation ceremonies and in carrying out activities outside of legality. among them the violent confrontation with the members of other organizations considered enemies.

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