Thursday, September 23

Police pressure drastically reduces “mojiteros” and street vendors on the beaches

The reduction in the presence of «mojiteros», who years ago sold fruit and food à la carte, secretly prepared drinks and even «recycled» the glasses by washing them in the footbaths, according to recordings made by various witnesses (contrary to all legal norms). hygienic measures), is due to police pressure present in the sand but also from the air and water that has a lot to do with the pandemic. The Alicante Local Police deploys a device of 74 agents along the beaches of the Postiguet, la Albufereta, Urbanova and San Juan walking in uniform among the users of the sandy areas or on quads. The agents make use of the drone to monitor the crowds from the air and a boat by sea “to guarantee anticovid measures and safer beaches. This operation can say that it has almost eliminated street vending, “they explain from the Department of Security. The device is completed with about thirty volunteers from Civil protection on bicycles that patrol the rides between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. every day of the week.

The beach agents also monitor that free a corridor on the shore so that bathers can walk around and that nobody settles on the sand in front of the wooden markers that define the first line; as well as to prevent thefts and robberies, with several detainees so far this summer; and collaborate in relief and rescue work at sea. The hoteliers corroborate the efectivity of some measures which are related to closer surveillance for the health crisis. “The problem of robberies and street vending has improved a lot compared to other years due to the fact that there is much more police presence. Thieves and vendors have been given a lot of sugarcane, and most have emigrated to other places, “said hoteliers on the Postiguet urban beach on Tuesday. A similar situation occurs on the beach of San Juan, where this Sunday, despite the crowd, street vendors were residual, with just a couple of vendors of dresses and sarongs roaming the sand, fleeing to the Muchavista beach (municipal term of El Campello) when they saw the quads of the Local police.

«Mojiteros sThey will always exist but very few are seen because they also requisition all the material and the manteros as well. They have put permanent police officers and only the gorillas come when they know they are leaving or changing their shift, “they explained from the businesses on the Postiguet promenade in reference to the illegal bill collectors who other summers took over the parking area on the beach where they already pay at the be blue zone. Nor do you see Asian people offering massages on the sand of the beaches, at least so far this summer.

Returning to the National Police, it has reinforced its patrols on the beaches of the municipal area, both in uniform and motorized on walks, and as a civilian on the beach to prevent theft of purses and bags. “There are few incidents, these patrols among bathers are quite effective,” they said from the Provincial Police Station.

Surveillance of groups that gather in the sand when the bars close

The National Police has also reinforced the surveillance of the beaches when the bars closes to prevent groups that gather on the sand from drinking, especially on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings. With this they also avoid thefts that occur in those agglomerations of people who are going to consume, explain police sources. On the other hand, the hoteliers who have their businesses located near the beaches of Alicante have noticed the presence of “delivery men”, people who offer, especially to international tourists, cans of drink or food that they buy from a restaurant. nearby supermarket and then they enter the arena to take their orders.

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