Thursday, October 28

Police report of Christmas Eve in Alicante: ten parties in houses dissolved after the curfew and another three in the street

A performance of the Alicante Local Police

The action of the Local Police of Alicante during Christmas Eve in Alicante has been closed with interventions in ten parties dissolved in homes and another three on public roads. He Alicante Town Hall organized an operation to enforce the measures decreed with the police agents, intensifying surveillance on foot and with controls to guarantee the curfew, and with adfixed device in the neighborhood of Juan XXIII with several police patrols, according to sources from the Department of Security.

The Local Police assures that Christmas Eve has passed “without serious incidents and normally”, Highlighting interventions to dissolve three concentrations and parties on public roads. The first of the night around 10.20 pm the agents went to the street Sow (in Los Angeles), where they were having a Christmas party that broke up.

Likewise, the Local Police also came at dawn to intervene in the Street Master Rosillo (Juan XXIII) where they were setting up loudspeakers and several people were meeting in violation of the curfew, as well as on the street Saint John of the Cross (Colonia Requena) where a group of people without masks and with music were located and punished.

On Christmas Eve, to guarantee strict compliance with all aspects of the decree issued by the Generalitat Valenciana, surveillance was reinforced to prevent the holding of bottles, parties and meetings that exceeded the six people established by the regional regulations, and the regulations were also closely controlled. hospitality establishments, as reported by the Local Police, who had to dissolve ten parties in homes, all after the curfew. The agents came to dissolve them with noise complaints, which have resulted in complaints to the owners of the houses where the meetings were held, causing annoyance to the neighbors.

The first house party It was about 00:11 hours in the UK street, later between 1:20 and 2:00 in the morning, seven meetings and parties were dissolved in the Plus Ultra streets, Alcoy avenue, Colonización Passage, Guixot, Canónigo Galbis, Journalist Pirula Arderius, Carcaixent and on Calle Musico Moisés after five in the morning, among others.

He Councilor for Security, José Ramón González, has asked for “maximum responsibility this Christmas”, and has shown the certainty that “Alicante will continue to comply in an exemplary way and collaborate, as they have done so far, with all the measures to win the battle against the pandemic and put a stop to contagions, we must continue to take extreme measures of hygienic and sanitary prevention in the use of masks, social distances avoiding parties, social gatherings and bottles ”.

In addition, the Local Police traveled together with the firefighters of the Firefighting and Rescue Prevention Service of the Alicante City Council to put out two fires, one at 11:35 p.m. on Calle Alcalde José Luis Lassaletta from a container, and a second on the street Claudio Coello, of a motorcycle that was on fire.

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