Friday, September 24

Police seized suitcases stolen from a victim of double rape


Prison of the detainee for raping two women the same night in Alicante.

The duty court yesterday sent the detainee to prison for raping two women during the same night in the center of Alicante, as confirmed by this newspaper in judicial sources. The suspect, a 20-year-old young man of Moroccan nationality, denied before the magistrate having had any intervention in the two violations and said that these were committed by someone else. At the time of his arrest, the Police found at his home the suitcases that had been stolen from one of the victims a few hours before. The arrested man declared that these suitcases were not his and that a friend had left them at his house for him to keep.

The judge imputes him two crimes of sexual assault, another two of robbery with violence and one of injuries. Given the seriousness of the events, the Prosecutor’s Office requested the imprisonment of the suspect. The case will now be referred to complete the instruction to court number nine in Alicante.

Half an hour difference

As this newspaper already published, the events occurred early Wednesday morning. Two women were sexually assaulted at the point of a knife in the center of the city at the door of their house. The first of the attacks was suffered by a 23-year-old girl in the doorway of her home at 5:30 a.m. by a man who at the point of a knife forced her to undress to rape her and later stole her mobile phone. The second attack occurred half an hour later, at six in the morning, when a 52-year-old woman was going to get her car. The screams of the victim forced her attacker to flee, without the rape being completed, but beforehand it caused a stab wound to the thigh. He stole two suitcases from this woman, cash and her cell phone.

The National Police began a frenzied race against time to try to arrest the suspect as soon as possible, making a great deployment that morning to collect vestiges on the scene of the attacks, search for witnesses or collect images from security cameras. A thread that the investigators were pulling until it led them to the building where the suspect lives. The sources consulted by this newspaper indicated that they went door to door in search of someone who fit the profile. Until they arrived at the house of the now detainee, where the agents found the suitcases that they stole from one of the two victims. Agents from the Citizen Security Brigade arrested him at around eleven in the morning, five hours after the alert for the second violation was received.

The suspect, defended by the lawyer Aurora Gámez, has denied before the court that he is not the person they are looking for and that he has nothing to do with the two violations. Given the appearance of the two suitcases at his home, he maintained that they are not his and that he stressed this to the Police from the moment he voluntarily agreed to have his home searched.

According to his version, the suitcases were left at the home by a friend shortly before asking him to keep them because they were looking for him, without knowing anything about what had happened to the two women. The arrested person also claimed that this person was physically similar to him.


The defense requested the release with other alternative measures to prison, while awaiting the results of the biological samples and fingerprints collected at the scene of the two violations. In the same way, he is going to demand a recognition round in the court to check if the victims identify him as the author of the attacks. The lawyer will also insist on the release in the appeal that will present before the court that assumes the cause.

Shortly after three in the afternoon, the court on duty agreed to the prison communicated and without bail for the detainee, who left in the police van bound for the Villena prison.

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