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Police shoot a motorist who tried to grab a gun from the dash

A 20-year-old is shot in the leg while trying to take his gun.

Photo: Metro Nashville PD / Courtesy

A Nashville cop shot a man in the leg who took a gun from his dash after allegedly causing a car accident in which a minor was injured and unconscious, facts that were recorded by the agent’s bodycam.

School Resource Officer Byron Boelter was on his way home from work last Monday when he came across the scene of the accident involving a Nissan Altima and a Camaro.

The images of the bodycam showed when Boelter arrives at the place where paramedics were treating a mother and daughter, which were taken from the Nissan. The minor was unconscious while the injured woman was screaming.

Surveillance footage from a nearby business showed Rod Reed, 20, driving his Camaro erratically before crashing into the Altima, the Metropolitan Nashville Police reported.

Boelter’s body camera captured the moment when the youngest, who appears unconscious, was pulled from the back seat of the Altima, while in the background the cry of his mother is heard. Police said the girl was taken to a hospital where she was treated for minor injuries.

According to, Boelter is subsequently seen approaching the driver’s door of the Camaro as Reed passes in front of him and then walks to the passenger side of the vehicle.

When Boelter looks into the Camaro through the driver’s window, Reed gets into the vehicle where there was a gun on the dash, says the policeman

“Just leave those things there, man,” and he gestures for Reed to move. “Just go ahead and go. Go. Go ahead, man. ”, Says the officer to the 20-year-old.

By not obeying the instruction, the cop ends up shooting Reed, who then falls onto the grass. Boelter tells him to stay crouched down and raise his hands, later the agent calls for reinforcements while the 20-year-old lies wounded on the ground crying.

Boelter asks Reed “Where is the gun?” while holding his gun towards him at a distance and saying ‘Leave it there, buddy. OK dude ‘.

After a few moments of conversation about the whereabouts of the weapon, Reed told Boetler “I was trying to get it out of the car, sir,” to which Boelter says, “Come on, man,” before the body camera recording is finished.

The weapon was recovered at the scene, while Reed was arrested upon leaving the hospital and now faces federal weapons and drug charges, the MNPD reported.

According to the Tennessean, to Boelter, who has been in the force for 16 years.

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