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Police went to the home of a Hispanic “suicide” in Georgia and found the decomposed body of his mother

The old woman had been dead for several days at home.

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A 56-year-old Hispanic woman will serve a life sentence for depriving her 83-year-old mother of medical services and keeping the old woman’s decomposed corpse in the family home in Georgia.

Amalia Elvira Ramírez was sentenced last Friday to spend the rest of her days in jail after a jury declared her guilty of all charges against him ranging from intentional homicide, serious homicide, exploitation of an elderly person and neglect of an elderly person.

Amalia was arrested after agents from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office arrived at her mother’s home on Bridle Drive, in the city of Cumming, on December 6, 2018, in a report that pointed to her being He had confessed to an out-of-state friend that he planned to commit suicide.

Officers met with Ramírez at the residence, and it was at that moment that they discovered the lifeless body of Himilce Ramirez in a bedroom.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Doug Rainwater said uniforms immediately caught the stench of death.

“As soon as we walked in, the stench of a dead person… was so obvious in the house; We immediately went to where the scent was and found the mother’s body in the bed, ”Rainwater said, as quoted by Forsyth County News.

The body was in an advanced state of decomposition and it would have been there for days, probably weeks.

The killer tried to hide the bad smell with candles.

An autopsy completed in 2019 by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation determined that the cause of death was “negligent homicide“.

Open pressure sores were identified on the victim’s body.

Following sentencing, Forsyth County Deputy District Attorney Sandra Partridge was pleased with the outcome of the case.

Prosecutor says he managed to do justice

“Generally, when someone is murdered, there is a family that cares, but there was no one,” Sandra Partridge said about the conditions in which the old woman spent her last days.

“It was an incredibly sad case and I think that with our aging population this may be something that we see more of. The elderly thus are similar to the cases of children in the sense that they are the most vulnerable people. I think we had justice in the courtroom for the victim, “he said.

John Rife, the convict’s attorney, said they are evaluating alternatives so that his client can evade the life sentence.

“Well, we respect the verdict of the jury. We don’t agree with him, of course, but we respect him, ”Rife said.

“We will evaluate our options over the next few days to appeal issues and other things that are appropriate and necessary in a case of this magnitude and from there,” argued the attorney.

Rife argued that the elderly woman had allegedly previously refused medical treatments, and that Amalia had cared for her mother rather than ignored her, as prosecutors proved.

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