Tuesday, May 18

political groups demand a plan to support commerce in the center and the old town

View of Alicante

View of Alicante
Pilar Cortes

The political groups in the Alicante Town Hall consider that the study of modifications of the Special Plan of the Traditional Center and Historic Center must be accompanied by initiatives to promote trade and that should become a forum to design the model of the city of the future and rethink tourism. In the telematics commission held this morning, the groups have agreed to prepare proposals but They have not set a date for the next meeting, as some of them have claimed. The Councilor for Urban Planning, Adrián Santos Pérez, from Ciudadanos, He recalled that the urban area is dense and transversal since various departments are involved, and as an example he mentioned pedestrianization, although he is in favor of not introducing it in the modification of the plans, for which he has invited the opposition to request new meetings when they have detailed proposals.

In this sense, the edil Mario Ortolá, from Vox, he has asked for time since he will need to consult neighbors, merchants, architects, engineers and other experts.

For its part, Rafael Mas, of Commitment, has stated that “we must modify the two special and comprehensive plans of the Historic Center and the traditional Center. If before it was necessary, now with this situation of health, social and economic crisis, it is done essential to address the problem of noise, the gentrification of both areas (old town and traditional center), the pollution situation betting on regulated pedestrianization, a green shock plan (trees, shrubs and green areas) and a plan to support trade in both areas. In addition to address a shock plan on housing to intervene in these areas and puncture the bubble and the lack of access to housing with public housing policies, in coordination with the Board of Trustees and the Generalitat Valenciana. For all this, it is necessary to have the participation of merchants, neighbors and project coordination “, has pointed out. However, Vox believes that decisions related to the pandemic cannot be made by understanding that the global disease will pass.

Compromís requests that the calls of this commission be “scheduled” to speed up the work. “For Compromís it is very important that these procedures be expedited, since we have to take advantage of this opportunity for reconstruction that Europe offers us. Our historic and traditional center must be transformed into an attractive area to live, invest and export as a tourist attraction, betting on the conservation of heritage “. The PP spokesperson, Mari Carmen from Spain, has indicated that her group is in favor of convening the sessions when there is content to debate.

The PSOE spokesperson, Trini Amorós, is committed to requesting reports from the different councils to strategically meet the needs of the Old Town and the Traditional Center, as well as rethinking the tourism and commercial model.

Vanessa Romero, from United We Can, I also wanted to leave today’s meeting with deadlines set for the next one, which in the end has not been possible.


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