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Popular massacres are held again in the area

Participants in the slaughter held in Aldeacentenera. / TODAY

Among other locations, they will be held in Santa Ana, Jaraicejo and Ibahernando

The suspension of popular massacres in different municipalities was the prelude to the health crisis. Two years later, different towns in the area resume these proposals, when daily life, little by little, returns to normal. In addition, there is a desire to celebrate. “As they have kept us locked up for a long time, people want to,” says the mayor of Santa Ana, Jesús Regodón. In addition to the great atmosphere, this type of initiative seeks to maintain traditions. This is what the president of Aldeacentenera, Francisco Muñoz, thinks at least.

Both towns have their particular popular massacres. These municipalities are joined, for example, Jaraicejo, Ibahernando and even La Aldea del Obispo, among others. In most of these places, these days become a great holiday, more so this year, after the absences due to the pandemic.

Proof of this was the Aldeacentenera massacre held on February 19, which involved 500 people. Its mayor recognizes that fewer and fewer house killings are being carried out. For this reason, he believes that it is important for the City Council to maintain this activity. In addition, it has a didactic character. The day began at ten in the morning, with the butchering of the pig and, from then on, there were different tastings. Likewise, a typical product of the locality was elaborated, such as ‘la charanga’. The day had the collaboration of local associations. There was no lack of performance by ‘Enrique er musician’.

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Jesús Regodón Mayor «As they have kept us locked up for a long time, people want»

One of the most participatory will be that of Santa Ana, on March 19. If the mayor’s forecasts are met, the XI edition of this massacre will bring together some 800 people. Remember that neighbors from surrounding towns usually arrive, as well as from Trujillo and Cáceres. “It has taken quite a boom,” admits Regodón. The festive day will begin at nine in the morning, with a breakfast with crumbs, coffee and liquors to then prepare the meat. Already the day before it is planned to kill four pigs.

While this work is being carried out, the ‘Dehesa-montanera’ route will be carried out, organized by the women’s association. At mid-morning the tastings will resume with the pig’s own preparations. The food will arrive at 2:30 p.m. with a stew, “washed down with a good wine.” This festive day will continue with the performance of the local folk group Alfeizar’ and the recital of Aurelio Gallardo. The day is closed by a mobile disco.

That same day, Jaraicejo will celebrate a simple popular massacre, with a hundred people, announces its mayor, Miguel Ángel Santos.

music is not missing

On the 26th of this month, Ibahernando will also resume his ‘traditional slaughter of Viveña’, in its VIII edition. Its programming will be similar to that of other municipalities. The day will begin at 9:30 am with crumbs, coffee and spirits. Starting at 11:30 am, the tastings of different derivatives of the main animal will arrive and at 2:30 pm, the food for all attendees. A contest to taste homemade sweets has been scheduled for 4:30 p.m. As usually happens in these types of parties, there will be no lack of music. In this case, the ‘Fantasy musical trio’ will perform and everything will conclude with a mobile disco.

Not all localities have scheduled popular massacres at the beginning of the year. For example, La Aldea del Obispo chose the December bridge to carry it out, taking advantage of the fact that residents of the municipality who are outside could arrive.

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