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Porsche presents five novelties at the Los Angeles Motor Show

Porsche is present in the Los Angeles Lounge to present up to five world firsts that will introduce new versions in three ranges, the 718 Cayman, the Taycan and the Panamera. The German firm thus takes care of the US market, in which it grows the most after China. In total they are 51,615 units those that it has delivered until September 2021 in USA, 30% more. It is not surprising, then, this deployment in the Californian sample, the state of the country in which 8% of all Taycan in the world are also sold.

None of the cars released in Los Angeles is a new vehicle, but new variants to complete the existing range of sports cars. In that sense, it will expose the new 718 Cayman GT4 RS y 718 Cayman GT4 RS Clubsport, the new ones Taycan GTS y GTS Sport Turismo and the new Platinum Edition for the saloon Panamera.

Porsche 718 GT4 RS y Clubsport

The Porsche 718 GT4 RS it is, perhaps, the most striking novelty in the American sample. It is the version of the most powerful two-seater sports car in the entire range, which is closer to the competition with a lighter weight, a more powerful engine and adjustments to be more effective on the track, despite the fact that it is a vehicle homologated for driving on the road. .

In this way, it opts for an atmospheric boxer engine, which inherits from the 911 GT3, to offer up to 500 CV power and maximum torque of 450 Nm to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.4 seconds, reducing the figure thrown by the GT4 by up to half a second. Its maximum speed is 315 km/h. The motor will always be associated with the PDK automatic transmission Of the brand. Regarding its weight, it declares 1.415 kilos on the scale with a full tank, which means reducing 35 kilos With respect to GT4. Porsche states that this reduction in weight is achieved through the use of materials such as carbon fiber reinforced polymer in the bonnet and front wings, as well as lightweight floor mats, a lightweight glass for the rear window, lighter door panels and lighter mats. Everything that weighs and is not suitable for running or is an obligation to circulate on the road has been eliminated.

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To improve its performance and cornering behavior, it presents a new fixed rear wing, similar to that of the 911 GT3, its height has been reduced by three centimeters compared to 718 Cayman, the aerodynamics of the underbody panels have been optimized and a rear diffuser and front diffuser have been added with multiple adjustments to generate up to a 25% more downforce than GT4 in Performance mode. The result is a reduction in lap time by Nürburgring of up to 23.6 seconds compared to the GT4, stopping the clock after exceeding its 20.6 kilometers in the 7:04.511.

Your price for Spain It is 163.182 euros and deliveries are scheduled for the month of December. An optional package will be available Weissach to further improve its aerodynamics.

The version Clubsport, which is also featured in The Angels, is the racing version of the same car, which will participate in various competitions around the world starting next year. It maintains the same engine as the street version, with the same power, although it gains torque up to 465 Nm. Your gearbox PDK It goes from six to seven ratios, now shorter, and an exhaustive chassis work has been carried out, reviewing all its components from scratch to improve its dynamism. It now has two-way adjustable shock absorbers, adjustable stabilizer bars and three types of springs for both axles, selectable by the driver. The system PSM now has a race-specific tuning and includes a switch for traction control, ABS and an updated stability control system.

In terms of aerodynamics, the front wings and front splitter have been modified to increase downforce and the air curtains have been adjusted to eliminate turbulence from the front wheels. The lower fairings facilitate the path of the air flow towards the diffuser. The fixed rear spoiler incorporates a two-position adjustable flap.

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This car, available from 196.000 euros, can compete in the championships SRO without further modifications.

Porsche Taycan GTS y GTS Sport Turismo

The Porsche Taycan GTS is a new version within the Taycan electric range which will be located, by power, between the Taycan 4s and the Taycan Turbo. It will also be the first to offer autonomy superior to the 500 kilometers, 504 Specifically, and it will bring a new concept of sportiness to the electric saloon. The GTS Sport Turismo, for its part, it also means the arrival of a new bodywork for the model that, according to the German brand, will be an intermediate point between the sportiness of the Taycan and the parcticity of the Taycan Cross Turismo, maintaining the benefits of the first and the load capacity. , more of 1,200 liters, and space of the second.

Mechanically, your electric motor will deliver 598 CV of power and will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds in either of the two bodies. Its maximum speed will be 250 km / h electronically limited. Like the rest of the Taycan versions, it has the PASM adaptive damping system, tuned specifically for the GTS, and work has been done to make the optional rear axle steering more sporty.

One of the great novelties of the new Taycan gts is the new panoramic roof with sunlight control, which allows to regulate the amount of light that enters thanks to the electrically switchable liquid crystal film to go from transparent to matt in several stages.

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For Spain, the price of the new Porsche Taycan GTS will be from 135.264 euros, a figure that will rise to 136.232 euros for him Taycan GTS Sport Turismo. Both versions will arrive at Porsche Centers in spring 2022. Later there will be more engine options for the new bodywork.

Porsche Panamera Platinum Edition

The latest news from Porsche on The Angels is he Panamera Platium Edition, that, as Neomoto advancedr, accentuates the elegance of the saloon with specific aesthetic details. In addition, it adds a more complete equipment with a low price premium.

Exterior novelties include glossy satin platinum details on elements such as the front air intakes, the brand logo, the model name and on the rims Design Sport 21 inches. The window moldings and tailpipes will be in a gloss black tone. Inside, its new seats and decorative trims made of brushed aluminum stand out. Its standard equipment includes matrix headlights LED with PDLS Plus, the adaptive air suspension with PASM and a Bose sound system.

This special edition will be available on the finishes Panamera 4 and Panamera 4 E-Hybrid from the end of January 2022.

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